By ewmomew - Canada
  Today, I had a nice, open chat with my mother. I accidentally let slip that I'm a nymphomaniac. She accidentally let slip that my dad is bad in bed. I don't think either of us will be chatting so openly for awhile. FML
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  hairt  |  4


Hypersexuality in women has historically been known as nymphomania or furor uterinus, while in men, the disorder has been known as satyriasis.

  Epickitty58  |  29

Don't worry-I used google for those that are too lazy to (and I understand that you're too lazy. I often have the same problem).

Anyway, a nymphomaniac is a woman with an abnormally high sex drive-not somebody with weird and/or kinky desires for the bedroom, just wants a lot of sex.

By  groovis  |  2

I love the new feature that buries replies unless you want to see a chain. it stops the chain-makers who aren't making a conversation thread and only care about appearing on the first page.

I'll be honest the first read of this I thought the op said she was a necrophiliac. it completely grossed me out to imagine telling her Mom that.

Actually next time you confide in someone op you should lead with necrophilia and after they've started down that gross path then say "oh God sorry I meant nymphomania" and then for sure the other person will take it well.

Let's see how long it takes for guys to start jumping in and offering to help with your problem. Hey and since apparently your Dad is letting down the team maybe they can help your Mom at the same time.

  Comatose27  |  0

LOL XD nymphomania is a disorder, im not sure its really treatable.. It's all neurological (from the brain) so.. If we actually have technology to mess with the brain to fix it, then it would cost alot anyway.

  spanelli  |  16

Apparently it's something that can be typed into a comment, too. :o Amazing isn't it?

It's okay OP. I once had to listen to my boyfriend's mom talk about giving birth to four kids. Then, about her husband's size. o.O