By f_ck_U - 21/09/2011 06:47 - China

Today, while at work, after reading more than 100 FMLs and moderating more than 500, I decided to write one of my own with the help of my boss, who had been standing next to me for over an hour. "How about being fired?" FML
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more than 100 means those confirmed and posted FMLs. That 500 are those unconfirmed which need you to click Y or N.

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At least now you can moderate and read as many fml as u want without being worried of getting fired

Nico_Belic 0

You completely deserve it. Are you looking for sympathy? Because it's 100 percent your fault.

Marcella1016 31

Yep white collar jobs, unless you're a lawyer at a big firm or something, generally have a lot of downtime.

OP, ydi. If someone hires you they've bought your time.

How do you know it was over 500? They're not numbered when you moderate. Still, sucks for you.

FML is viewable through the Great Firewall of China?

You stuff can't be thumbed down that's awesomeXD

48 - I was brushing my teeth when I saw your picture.

53- I was taking a dump when I saw your picture.

tell u what? youtube, tweeter, facebook are not accessible. This FML thing? we are complaining about life everyday anyway. No big deal!

Let's just say it's an FML experience trying to see it.

YourEvilHero 12

How on earth did you not notice your boss standing there for over an hour?

jerico616 14

Yeah, shouldn't HE have been working instead of being on FML, too?

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Your boss stood there and watched you for one hour and didn't say a word?