By Anonymous - 29/06/2013 22:52 - United States - Lafayette

Today, I found the purse that some asshat stole from my 15-year-old sister a few days ago. I found it in my now ex-boyfriend's closet. When I confronted him, he broke up with me for "invading" his privacy and kicked me out, without the purse. FML
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... So he didn't deny it. Get back in there, beat him up and take back your sisters purse.


... So he didn't deny it. Get back in there, beat him up and take back your sisters purse.

Exactly! Or throw a brick at his car

Please. If she could in anyway beat him up she wouldn't have left without the purse.

sure, solve this situation by committing crimes.

yzzami 17

Exactly! Nothing says you're a jerk better than a kick between the legs

tjv3 10

Call the police and press charges

Exactly. What a retard kid. Probably one of those odd sociopathic kids. Just report him to the cops and they can kick his ass, kid needs some discipline.

Id say have a cop "invade his privacy" see how he likes it.

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A100893 30

Your ex is a thieving dick. Report his ass if he won't cooperate.

deepunder 17

It's easier just to steal it back and never mention it. It's not like he'll file a report for a stolen purse. My friend got his iPhone stolen by his friend and when my friend went to his house he just took it back and left through a window, never to return.

MzZombicidal 36

My foot would invade the privacy of his ass.

Especially if its my sister's purse he stole.

Neyuu 18

I feel like the fml community would make a really good army. "Kick his ass! Break his knees! Get the purse back!"

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leogachi 15

What was he doing with her sister's purse?

MzZombicidal 36

"my NOW ex-boyfriend's closet"

isn't it funny how people will say, "I hope you mean EX- boyfriend/ girlfriend" when the OP complains about his/ her significant other but when he/ she says ex- boyfriend/ girlfriend in the post they get confused about why the OP would be doing something involving his/ her ex.

badluckdawson 19

They were together before she found the purse when she found it he broke up with her

graceinsheepwear 33

I'm just waiting for someone to say "ex-closet."

Little did you know that he's a gender-confused individual who stole the purse to match his heels for Saturday night!

TheDrifter 23

Her sister must have fabulous taste.

leogachi 15

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leogachi 15

I understand that, but she should have just taken the purse back to her sister and confronted him later. That way the sister gets her stuff back.

leogachi 15

How could she think it was an accident?

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