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Well, how were you supposed to know. That was kind of a mean prank anyway, but you sound like a great kid. =)

I would say you handled that perfectly


Well, how were you supposed to know. That was kind of a mean prank anyway, but you sound like a great kid. =)

She was a good kid. I would've said, "Well, now I know why I'm not so messed up. Always wondered."

Next time, tell them they're going to be grandparents, then tell them it was for a YouTube video prank.

If OP even remotely looked like one of their parents then he/she would know it was a prank. If my parents pulled that on me I would know it was fake immediately because I'm the spitting image of my mother. Obviously not everyone has identical or similar features to their parents but usually you can tell you got your eyes/nose etc from one or the other.

Yes, but then there are those adopted kids that look like their adoptive parents. Growing up, I knew one girl who was adopted, and when she told all her friends, some of us didn't belive her because she resembles her mother.

My father looks a lot like his adoptive father though they are not blood related.

Great attitude. Prank backfired.

Yes, in fact that it true. You see, I'm adopted yet I look very similar to my dad, my friends at first were shocked but at all makes sense in the end.

Well it looks like the joke is on them.

I would say you handled that perfectly

3- OP should have just said something like "oh thank God. It's a relief knowing I'm not related to you assholes." His parents deserve it if they would try a stupid prank like that.

Wow, that sucks OP, hope your parents realize your feelings are more important than a YouTube video. I agree, FYR.

Uhm okay so. Your parents are terrible. for some people that is a very strong thing and really shouldn't be toyed with.

You should prank your parents back. And thats kind of rude lying to you for a reaction

That's kind of fucked up, but at the same time, its not so bad because you aren't adopted, and it was funny.

Maybe 7 meant that it was funny because the prank backfired on OP's parents? That kind of WAS funny, and they totally deserved it.

Hey BritSkits, what exactly is wrong with being adopted? - someone who was adopted

And not the least bit “sad” about it btw. Smh so much ignorance.

That's fantastic

Your comment -> your username -> back to your comment.

good for you, sucks for them.

Well at least it won't be the first boring video on YouTube.