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Today, my iPhone got back from being fixed. When I opened the box there was a note attached to my phone that said, "All you had to do was turn it on." FML
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And you couldn't figure this out, why?

sandinthewaves 5


And you couldn't figure this out, why?

Redoxx_fml 22

So many buttons to choose from...but which one!

MrKrustyKrab 0

How many buttons did you try before realizing it was the one at the top?

#27 i bet that was the only one he forgot to try!!

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#28 I'm guessing OP did not even know there was a button on the top.

#14 there's only like 3 buttons on the iPhone anyway? >.<

How is that sarcasm comprehension working out for you?

Theres 4 and a switch... Tremendously confusing actually...

"WHY WON'T YOU TURN ON!" *taps screen repeatedly*

DeadxManxWalking 27

14- The big red one that says "Do Not Press"

R U sure that three-button stuff is an iPhone?

kanggaru 2

but but the top button locks the phone doesn't it? :(

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3? You are even worse than the OP. Go hide in a corner please.

Yeah, I voted "You deserved it," because that was just plain ignorance! However, if this deserved an FML, makes you wonder just how boring your life is! Lol!!

Yeah, I voted "You deserved it," because that was just plain ignorance! However, if this deserved an FML, makes you wonder just how boring your life is! Lol!!

Top button and The Home Button can turn it on... 4 buttons on an iPhone and a switch for silence/ring.

Why the F*** you own an iphone if you don't know how to use it, i believe its time to down grade you instead of upgrading you.

Octain 13

If he can't handle and iPhone... I don't think he's ready for a phone.

Redoxx_fml 22

Now to press the button to thumb up this comment...but which one!

27 - my guess is that OP did not know that you have to hold the lock button to turn it on and only tapped the button. or OP thought the home button had to be held.

cupcakekallie 6

At least he knew how to open the box that held the iPhone

And this is why six year olds shouldn't have iPhones.

Maybe he didnt think you had to hold it, maybe OP was just clicking the power button once?

The home button doesn't turn the phone on.

sandinthewaves 5

/facepalm, I just honestly don't know how that wasn't a first priority.

The person who "fixed" the phone, probably walked in front of a bus on his/her way home from work.

In the words from Jamie from Mythbusters, "well theres your problem!"

TheBloodyMuffin 2

OP should of gotten a Nokia.

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Too many buttons for OP to handle

You just have to be smarter than the phone, that's all.

linkinpark98 23

Smart phones seem to be getting a little too smart these days.... It seems people can't think for themselves.

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Good luck out smarting my phone.

the_anti_hipster 7

OP is a future government employee. Politician maybe?

3, You're asking for way too much! *enter sarcasm here* Honestly, if anyone is having any types of an issues with their electronics, I thought it was common knowledge to hard reboot (unplug, pull out the batteries) and it will most likely fix the issues. My older sister just asked me to fix her iPhone and the fix was just to turn it off and on. Massive facepalm.

Don't they have instructions telling you how to turn it on?

#4 No offense buddy but iPhone have 5 buttons including silent one as well.... Hope u can try all of them at-least one lol or or... Use common sense and try pressing top button :p

Estapc 3

Actually, there's four buttons. The "fifth" is a switch.

Psshyeah, like 70 ******' pages of small print. **** that! I'll learn how to turn it on myself!

tctheamazing 7

More like a six page pamphlet. I just got my new iPhone and it's not even a real manual. YDI, OP.

Don't you have to turn it on to get the manual?

The tiny print is legal stuff. iPhones come with a quick start guide labeled "Finger Tips," "Hello," or simply "iPhone Quick-Start Guide"

Comments like yours are irrelevant to the posts and do not submit to the purpose of the witty humor of FML.

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Comments like yours yelling at people because there not funny is irrevelant and do not submit to the witty humor on FML thumb it down and move on

*they're Sorry, it's a pet peeve of mine.

what made you think the phone needed fixing if you didn't even try to turn it on? People nowadays...

When you first turn it on, you don't simply press the power button. You need to hold it down, along with the home button, for a good 8 seconds. Without the instructions or Internet, I can see how it could be difficult to power on.

missamazinggg 12

Maybe OP never had a smartphone before, therefore OP wouldn't of known how to turn it on without instructions.

Actually 50, that's how you reset it. Turning it on just involves tapping the top button. Simple enough.

Actually 77 I have to hold the top button for mine to turn on. Or maybe I dont and I just do it because I think I have to. Learn somethin new everyday.

Octain 13

77 is correct. Middle button is only for resetting, and you just have to tap top. iPhone just takes a while to start, giving the illusion you have to hold it.

I dont know if its the same for iphones but on ipods you press the top button to wake it up, and hold it to turn it on.

Are you "feared" due to lack of common sense???

When trouble shooting problems, always start with the small possibilities. Don't always assume you have to send it off right away.

Did you have to pay for the repairs? Because that would be an additional slap in the face

BunBunBabe 8

I have a feeling they paid for it to get fixed

They definitely would have had to pay for shipping and handling. I doubt they made OP pay. If they were going to do that they probably would have acted like they fixed it.

When smartphones are smarter than humans

Technology is successfully stupified the human race. It'll be much easier to enslave us now.

Well, that must have been embarrassing. At least now you know what to do when it 'breaks'.