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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

3, You're asking for way too much! *enter sarcasm here* Honestly, if anyone is having any types of an issues with their electronics, I thought it was common knowledge to hard reboot (unplug, pull out the batteries) and it will most likely fix the issues. My older sister just asked me to fix her iPhone and the fix was just to turn it off and on. Massive facepalm.

  capper44  |  18

#4 No offense buddy but iPhone have 5 buttons including silent one as well.... Hope u can try all of them at-least one lol or or... Use common sense and try pressing top button :p

  Paws_Cat  |  29

The tiny print is legal stuff. iPhones come with a quick start guide labeled "Finger Tips," "Hello," or simply "iPhone Quick-Start Guide"

  akg98  |  13

Comments like yours yelling at people because there not funny is irrevelant and do not submit to the witty humor on FML thumb it down and move on

  Feared  |  9

When you first turn it on, you don't simply press the power button. You need to hold it down, along with the home button, for a good 8 seconds. Without the instructions or Internet, I can see how it could be difficult to power on.

  weallfml  |  3

Actually 77 I have to hold the top button for mine to turn on. Or maybe I dont and I just do it because I think I have to. Learn somethin new everyday.

  Octain  |  13

77 is correct.
Middle button is only for resetting, and you just have to tap top.
iPhone just takes a while to start, giving the illusion you have to hold it.

  heygirlie777  |  21

They definitely would have had to pay for shipping and handling. I doubt they made OP pay. If they were going to do that they probably would have acted like they fixed it.