By Anonymous - 09/08/2014 13:31 - United States - Akron

Today, my idiot son tried to get a veteran's discount at American Eagle because he's "a fifth prestige" on Call of Duty. FML
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Well, did he get it?

Shame on you OP!! DO NOT JOKE ABOUT CALL OF DUTY!! *she says in a sarcastic tone! But I do actually play COD, it's amazing

Shame on you, you lazy ass. It's very disrespectful to even attempt getting a discount that is meant for our men and women that risk their lives for us, without yet defending a dumb twat that actually had the audacity to try to do so.

I actually come from a family of veterans and know the system very well. It's awesome that any family member can get a military ID but I personally believe that the benefits should focus more on the people that have actually served.

In today's world, 11th prestige hacks are looked for more. If only..

I see your point, but if you offer a discount to family, then a spouse can still get a discount at the store while the military person is deployed.

@64 "Gamer Gurl" detected.

@104 lol I play it all the time! Not just COD also MW3 and black ops 1 and 2! And I also play it on the PS3 and sometimes COD Ghost on Xbox, and other video games on PS2

@119 I take it you have some sort of mental handicap so I will give you the benifit of the doubt. However, all of the games you listed are Call of Duty games....

You raised that...

That what? ...that question? ...that Ship? ...that flag?

That kid... obviously

Being a vet myself, I would have slapped him upside the head.

We gotta badass over here!

gauge_blackwood 6

#33 that flew over your head...

I think he's gonna need a scope for it.

#3 "Gotta" is a colloquial abbreviation of "got to" not "got a" :)

tony1891 22

yeah didn't work out for him either i bet

Disinherit him while there's still time.

deathfyre8 13

You mean disown, I hope.

Nah, I thought disown was a little too harsh. CoD may be srs bsns, but not quite that serious.

Disinherit him? I dont think he should. The son seems to be veryy smart with money.

addictedtoIASIP 14

not if he's trying to fraud himself into a discount he obviously won't get

I hate it when there are so few comments it gives mine a chance to stand out but I can't come up with anything creative. Just thought if share that with you guys, back to doing nothing with my life.

5th prestige sounds like he has no life

Only 5th? I remember my ex bragging about being 12th prestige.

Maybe you just aren't good at call of duty? It's really easy to level up on the newer ones.

Animekid126 13

That's not that high

RedPillSucks 31

It's just a matter of how long you play the game. Not a real accomplishment.

I thought it counts

Yeah, disrespectful, I love that thought.

HammyBear13 8

Someone got a lil butt hurt, didnt he?

Pretending to be a veteran in a game and being one are two very different things...

Dishonorable discharge from his PlayStation might be in order.

aha! Good One!

Queen_of_Night 20

*slow clap*

Kyle1dc 17

Or buy him Dark Souls if he has an Xbox... trust me its equivalent to an execution for your confidence as a gamer.

Was he actually being serious or just trying (unsuccessfully) to be funny?