By Anonymous
Today, my husband misheard me when I said I wanted a massage with sensual oils. He used essential oils instead. Essential oils are not meant to be used on the skin, trust me. My skin looks like a cross between sandpaper and pus-filled bubble wrap. FML
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By  ptoka  |  20

Not sure where you got those essential oils, Bed Bath and Beyond maybe? DoTerra and Young Living oils are all natural and pure, thus they can readily be used on the skin. My wife and I will use them all the time for bug bites or massages, they are really versatile... Really helps to research what you are using beforehand.

  Emelka_fml  |  20

Oils like DoTerra are considered “therapy grade”, which makes them suitable for direct skin use. However, certain (many) essential oils are highly concentrated. They’re not meant to be used on skin without a safe carrier oil, such as olive or coconut.

  TxKitten79  |  10

Exactly. I use my doTerra oils on my skin and my family's skin frequently. And I always check to make sure whether they need to be diluted in carrier oil or not. doTerra actually makes an essential oil blend specifically for massages.

  bigharv  |  1

It depends more on the oil than whether it is an overpriced brand or not. Some oils are safe for skin, and some are not. It has nothing to do with being natural or pure either, because lots of things are natural and pure, but are not good for the body (lead, for example, is a natural material that should not be put into your body, especially if pure).

  Steffi  |  26

Most essential oils (especially the stronger ones like tea tree) shouldn't ever be applied to the skin in their pure form (in fact it's illegal in the UK to sell cosmetics which contain more than 3% of essential oils (a few essential oils are are allowed to be in cosmetics at a higher concentrations though, such as orange essential oil)) , I accidentally splashed a few drops of pure, natural cinnamon essential oil on my face and ended up with large red sore blotches