By Anonymous - / Thursday 27 December 2018 04:00 /
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By  MidnaLink  |  31

Take screenshots, send to your phone, delete that thread from his phone, pack all your stuff on a day when he’s not home, print out all screenshots, leave on empty bed, done.

By  ajh1800  |  24

On one hand, I feel like you shouldn't have gone through his phone without his permission, but on the other hand, you're lucky you found out so now you can move on to something better...

By  Keith Taylor  |  2

While I agree that snooping is a bad thing to do... I'm not sure who to be more angry with, your husband or your sister. My wife has and will have full access to my phone any time she wants, as I do hers. A person with something to hide doesn't deserve someone special in their life.

By  honestjane  |  22

Unless you had a reasonable suspicion that he was cheating, you had no right to go through his phone. I think most people would feel betrayed by having their stuff gone through. Even though I have nothing to hide, I would be extremely angry if someone went through my stuff behind my back. Now if you did suspect something was going on and you were gathering evidence, that's a little different. But the question is, would you feel better off knowing or remaining ignorant?

By  1ninjanina  |  7

I don’t understand how this is an invasion of privacy. It’s a husband, not a boyfriend. What’s mine, is yours. It’s courteous to ask, but shouldn’t be a crime. Shouldn’t have any reason to be in your husbands phone, except to borrow but shouldn’t be a problem if you are. No one deserves to be cheated on. It’s unfortunate you found out when looking at his phone. Sounds like you had your suspicions tho, if you felt you felt you needed to see who he was talking to. I don’t understand those who say snoopers deserve what they find. Rule breakers and cheaters deserve to be left.

By  AmbrosiaFan  |  14

Playing devil's advocate... He left it unlocked. Left it for you to look through should you get a burning desire to do so... with the messages still on there. Who started first contact, how did he reply, etc... Just because people talked with him doesn't mean anything. And did she send the nude photos on her own whim, or did he ask for them?

Of course, if he is indeed leading them on, kick him to the curb.

  alycion  |  31

Realistically, some every day person is not going to get 10 different people trying to sext them at the same time without having a role to play in it. Unless if he has a lot of money or a super penis.

  Squidgegg  |  2

Some things, yes. Cheating, no.

I'd say looking through someone's phone is way less serious a breach of trust than potentially cheating on them with potentially ten different people, including a relative.

By  nathan10mlse  |  7

Both parties are wrong. I do feel bad for you that he cheated, however in the future going through someones personal items is not ok under any circumstances regardless of the outcome afterwards

By  deejflatt  |  2

Cheaters deserve what they get. Marriages don’t share the same reasonable cause search procedures that the police do. Regardless of whether it is right or wrong to look through his phone it is definitely wrong to be cheating. Even if he gets mad about privacy which is a legit concern it doesn’t negate nudes with your sister. You should have known she was like that and now you know he is. FYL

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