By B.B - United States - New York
Today, my husband brought me breakfast in bed. Don't get me wrong, I'm very thankful and love him even more for the thought. But the only problem with breakfast in bed is that you have to eat what they bring you, even if it's bad. FML
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By  the_bammit  |  5

Here is how it goes. You eat it , say mmmmm and that's it. He brought you breakfast that Is amazing. Not everything my gf cooks is good but I know better and I say "mmmmm".

By  TheBiggerBoot  |  7

Actually, you don't. It's that whole communication thing again. I cook a lot for my wife and sometimes it's not good. She tells me that because I can learn from it, you should probably think of doing the same.

By  mrswombat  |  16

My husband and I tell each other when we don't like something that has been cooked. It could be a taste preference but it could also be that that it simply sucked. I don't want to cook something he hates for the next 50 years. That's a waste of my time.