By B.B / Friday 7 October 2016 14:03 / United States - New York
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By  the_bammit  |  5

Here is how it goes. You eat it , say mmmmm and that's it. He brought you breakfast that Is amazing. Not everything my gf cooks is good but I know better and I say "mmmmm".

By  TheBiggerBoot  |  7

Actually, you don't. It's that whole communication thing again. I cook a lot for my wife and sometimes it's not good. She tells me that because I can learn from it, you should probably think of doing the same.

By  mrswombat  |  16

My husband and I tell each other when we don't like something that has been cooked. It could be a taste preference but it could also be that that it simply sucked. I don't want to cook something he hates for the next 50 years. That's a waste of my time.

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