By sakurabloom - 04/05/2016 20:08 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, I found out that if I take back my expensive headphones that my daughter constantly borrows, she will play porn on max volume, whether or not I have guests over. FML
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sakurabloom tells us more.

OP here. for all you saying i need to disipline my daughter, believe me i have. I made her appologise to my guests, her computer is taken away and she is grounded for two weeks. the poignancy of the FML would have been lost if i included that part along with the post being too long.

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Here's a thought. Take away the device she's using to play porn on. Maybe I don't know.. Try grounding her for her actions. Discipline.. It's an amazing thing.

This is why parents have to discipline their kids.


This is why parents have to discipline their kids.

Love your picture xP

The last couple of FMLs I've read have parents who do not seem to know what Discipline is.

Op never said she didn't discipline her kid. She may have taken all of her electronics away and grounded her, but that doesn't happen until after the kid does something wrong. Even if she punished her later, it's still embarrassing to have your kid play porn loudly while our fends are over.

Sorry op! Maybe buy her some cheap ear buds or headphones?

Or fucking discipline your kid, I don't know.

buy her some headphones?

Why would she reward negative behavior?

Or discipline her for playing porn in the first place -_-

Take action, OP! Don't let your daughter bully you.

1) consider buying her a pair of headphones 2) you need to let her know that shit doesn't fly. She can't be blasting porn when other people are around.

With that kind of behaviour, I would say she doesn't deserve new headphones... I wouldn't reward bratty behaviour.

They don't have to be good headphones, I have some ear buds that I got for maybe $5 on amazon, they do their job. If her parents can afford to giver her a computer they can afford some cheap head phones when she's not grounded anymore.

Here's a thought. Take away the device she's using to play porn on. Maybe I don't know.. Try grounding her for her actions. Discipline.. It's an amazing thing.

The daughter might be an adult. You can't just discipline an adult like how you would a kid.

#24, true but if she's under OPs roof I'm sure he has the right to disipline her regardless, or will be able to find a way to successfully do so.

If she's an adult and living under her parent's roof, I'm sure changing locks will be a real incentive. Also, if she IS an adult, she should be behaving like one lol how petty

Discipline. Use it.

Do not tolerate this. I'm saying this on the simple presumption that she's underage, but you cannot allow her to bully you like this just because she doesn't get her way. Although honestly, I don't see why she doesn't just buy her own pair of headphones. Sound is sound, and as long as you can hear it clearly, they don't need to be expensive (I've never seen the point of buying a pair of... let's say $300 buds that you just get your earwax all over anyway).

I completely agree with everything you said up until you said "Sound is sound", I don't get the point of $300 in the ear buds but if you think there isn't a difference between the $20 headphones you buy at walmart and the $200 over the ear headphones you buy from Bose, You've apparently never tested good headphones before because they can completely change the way you hear a song or a conversation in a movie and the atmosphere of it, But everyone has their own perspective and preferences for what they spend their money on

I just need to hear the words and music. I don't need all the background crap.

Good headphones are one of those things that sound ridiculous until you try them. I never saw the point in expensive headphones until I won a pair of expensive sennheisers an I haven't looked back.

I'd take away here electronics and change the WiFi password that way she gets what she deserves, which is nothing. she seems disrespectful

Definitely punish her for this behavior. There are plenty of cheaper alternatives to your headphones that she can get by with just fine. She can use them while she saves up for a better pair if she so chooses.