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Today, my husband and I were looking for a new house. The open house we were in had a strange floral scent to entice the buyers. I am three months pregnant and have horrible morning sickness. I threw up all over the living room. FML
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I can understand some other stuff, but how the hell did they deserve this?

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good thing they had a floral scent to mask the terrible smell c:

I can understand some other stuff, but how the hell did they deserve this?

if you know you get terrible morning sickness don't go somewhere in the time where you would have morning sickness

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Morning sickness isn't just in the morning. It can be at any time of the day or night and it comes out of nowhere. I know from experience.

92, read ur profile, just had to say, u seem like a ******* awesome person

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If she knew she had morning sickness, it would have been a smart idea to bring a sick bag.

"Today we had an open home. We'd spent all week cleaning and getting it to smell nice. The first person who came through vomited everywhere, ruining all my hard work cleaning, and the chance anyone else is going to be interested in buying my house. FML."

Now they'll really want to lower the price! More like fhl

Pregnant women get an automatic pass on anything that makes them ill. If I were the home owner I would have apologised and cleaned it up. I'd also dump the floral scent. Beyond that, congratulations!

AWW!! I'm so sorry!! :[ that suckksss!!!!!!!

Go in the afternoon. Problem solved. :D

It isn't morning sickness that's the problem. It was the smell.

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