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Today, after two years of dating, I gave my virginity to my boyfriend on my birthday. It wasn't at all like I dreamed about; I dreamt that I wasn't allergic to latex. FML
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Boy, was my first time memorable. Still, when I recover, it's all bareback for me, I guess. :/

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Ouch, that must have sucked. However, (you may well know this already) you can get latex-free condoms. Now that you know you're allergic, I'd look into getting some if I were you.

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While I personally have made the decision not to have sex yet, so I haven't looked into condoms, I'm sure there are some kinds that are non-latex. Don't have to go bareback... the non-latex ones may be harder to find, but I'm sure they're out there.


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mr. grey wulf stop writing ****** stories

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aww. well at least u were protected :)

I'm allergic to latex as well. Sucks, man. >.< But on the plus side, it's not that bad. It was worse when I was younger. But my nana has it so bad that if there's even latex in the air, she'll go into anaphylactic shock.

Puns are funny even when they are not there.

**** PUNS SHUT UP ABOUT THE ******* PUNS! Anyway, YDI for using a condom.

If she just lost her virginity, then let's assume she was young and didn't have access to the pill or something. So good for her for being responsible and using decent birth control.

or possibly she just wanted to wait for someone special? if she was that young then she probably wouldn't have dated someone for 2 years.

Well, her s/n ends with 92, I'm going to go out on a limb and presume that refers to her birth year, which would make her 17 as of her birthday. So she was responsible enough to use a condom. I guess it's possible she's never worn latex gloves before because a lot of schools (science classes) supply plastic gloves because they know people are allergic to latex, same for if she ever worked food service (and it's possible she's never worked food service, too). So yeah, definitely time for birth control. And at 17, she can certainly make herself a doctor's appointment and get on birth control, she doesn't need a parent to consent for it. In fact, even if one of her parents take her, she has every right to ask them to step out of the doctor's office.

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TWO YEARS? jesus kid, waiting that long is damaging to a relationship. :/ you could waste two years in 'love' when really you are just in lust. having everything build up to sex is a bad idea, because more often than not, there is nothing left after that. anyway, I DO NOT SEE HOW THIS IS AN FML AT ALL. who moderates these things? she just needs to get birth control and tested for STDs. which is what she should have done it the first place. it's not a big deal or a life ruining situation at all. condoms suck anyway; i can't understand why anyone in a steady relationship would use them

@109: What? It's not stupid at all to wait that long, and nothing says she was building up to sex. Nothing also says that they didn't do anything else while she was waiting. It's her virginity... Nothing to toss around as quick as she can. Just because you give it up on the third date doesn't mean everyone else should. And I doubt a lust would last two years. The wait is usually to make sure you feel close enough to a person to let them be with you like that. If it were all lust, she would have given it up a lot sooner. I also doubt they were "building up to sex" if it took two years. Two years sound a good max to me, when you're a virgin. If you're scared of sex (ie: bad experience beforehand), that's also a good max. If you value sex highly*... eh, two years might be too long then... By two years, you should know if you want to give it up or not, but it's not always the case. There are rape victims who take forever to open up to their partners in that way. I don't think OP is a rape victim, but I'm just saying there are plenty of reasons an individual could want to wait... *Meaning, if you believe you can't just let ANYONE sleep with you; you have to make sure you want them/you believe sex should only happen if you're really close, etc The only way I can see it as "damaging" is if OP is 17, like someone pointed out, and just wanted to wait until she was 17 before she gave it up. Then, that WOULD be damaging, because then it's more like "Oh, I'm 17, so I should ****!" instead of "I like you a lot, and feel comfortable with you, so let's do this, today's a good date" (birthday is a perfect set up, because you could have an amazing day and feel great that night, or have a crappy day and need a special comforting) Ahem, though, OP, regardless of what you did... There's always the pill? There are also several other things you could use, of course...

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it IS damaging to the relationship, because even if one THINKS the relationship isn't building up to sex, well, it still is. it just works that way, especially since the OP is a virgin. from the post, you CAN see that the OP's relationship was building up to sex, because she was dreaming about it, fantasizing, believing that it would be special and perfect. sex is neither special or perfect, and therefore the OP was disappointed with the sex. she allowed everything to build up to the moment, and was disappointed, and therefore will probably end up disappointed by the relationship itself. also, if you are going to argue, you probably shouldn't make wild claims about the sexual habits of a stranger; it makes you look quite silly.

If she wasn't ready in those two years, then she wasn't ready. It's not damaging if you simply aren't ready. If your partner can't understand that, you should lose them. I fantasize about sex too, doesn't mean I want to jump into bed with the someone I fantasize about. I'm just thinking "Hey, would be nice." I don't dream about it being perfect or anything, in fact usually I think about the opposite lol I don't think there's a single person who DOESN'T fantasize. I doubt she was building it up to be perfect, too. I don't think anyone thinks it's going to be perfect, especially girls... you know, because of the hymen thing, aha... Maybe she imagined the surroundings/setting/whatever would be perfect (for example: romantic birthday dinner, then sex), but she is stupid if she imagines sex to be perfect. Also, as her first time, it IS special, especially since it was with someone she was with for two years. If it's a complete fail, it's a special funny memory. If he's easy with her and is nice to her (whatever that may mean for her), then it's a special companionship memory. And some people do have "perfect" sex. It all depends on perspective. She was disappointed because she turned out to be allergic. Nobody dreams about being allergic, rarely anyone thinks about it. That's more disappointment in herself (in a way, not entirely) than in the sex, though. If she doesn't find a way around it, yeah, the relationship might be awkward after that. If she does, then she has a funny (though somewhat embarassing) memory. And if someone if the sex is so bad, well, you were with them for two years without it, surely there must be something else there. If there wasn't, you're really no better than the guys who play girls for sex...

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Planned Parenthood can give you birth control pills, I think.

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it's an fml because she probably had an allergic reaction. me being also allergic 2 latex knows it sucks

Ouch, that must have sucked. However, (you may well know this already) you can get latex-free condoms. Now that you know you're allergic, I'd look into getting some if I were you.

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I think latex-free condoms are a bit cheaper than an abortion. :P

Just because abortions are readily available and simple to get doesn't make it easy to do. There's alot of physical and mental pain involved in getting an abortion. It's like saying "Hey, why not eat this moldy bread, I can get my stomach pumped anyways if the bread is too moldy to digest"

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Most people who think they're allergic to latex are actually allergic to the spermicide on condoms. I'm sure that at some point in your life before this you've gone to the doctor or dentist and been touched by latex gloves, and didn't break out, right? So you should go to the doctor to get an allergy test. Also, they make lots of condoms that don't have any spermicide on them, you just have to check and make sure.

My bad, I assumed it was just meant to be a joke (sounded very much like something my best friend would say as a joke), didn't really realise it was a troll.

I'm not a troll, i'm a shapeshifter.

Birds is right...get tested. I thought I was allergic to latex because of a burning sensation during intercourse, but condoms were the only thing I ever reacted to. Turns out I was allergic to lubricant used on that particular kind of condoms.

abortions are so wrong. it's practically murder of someone who hasent had a chance to live.

go on the pill? who is checking these FML's... they're all a pile of sh*t

Do it raw? What kind of a suggestion is that? Using a condom is the appropriate choice because it will protect the OP from getting an STI. Unless you are in a long term monogamous relationship and both partners have been tested it is irresponsible to do otherwise. A latex allergy is unfortunate but luckily there are plenty of latex free condoms in the world.

Completely agree with this. It's just not worth it.

Yeash.....such an allergy must royally suck for those who practice sex quite often.

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That's why there's non-latex condoms. "Practice sex"? lol

First time never measures up anyway. Props for being safe, but you never touched rubber gloves or various other latex stuff ???

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A lot of bandaids, especially store brand ones, are actually latex free.

All of these allergy ones are hard to believe ... there is like no way that these people could have known that they weren't allergic to latex, their own sweat, or anything like that, since they would have been spending most of life AVOIDING THESE THINGS.

Allergies can develop at any time. I have a severe latex allergy that suddenly appeared when I was 13. I went to the dentist, they used latex gloves like they always did, and my entire mouth started swelling and bleeding. It happens.

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It might not have been a severe allergy. That'd mean that gloves were okay but having latex continually rubbed against her snug vaginal walls was too much.

I only discovered I was allergic to chlorine when I was 12, until then chlorine had no affect on me. Now I can't go swimming without getting a rash. >.

Hah, I moderated this one ^.^ For a second, I thought it was a repeat. Yeah, just get ones that are latex-free. Definitely FYL, though!

that's really unlucky :"( i hope your boyfriend appreciated you trying to give your virginity to him.

She wrapped it up in a box with a bow.