TMI, Dad!

By eww - 03/11/2015 15:43 - United States - Pickens

Today, my dad got dressed up in formal clothes, and I asked what the occasion was. He said he had a hot date, which would've been fine if he hadn't told me what was "on the menu", namely "wining, dining, sixty-nining". Thanks for that image. FML
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next time you go on a date tell him the same thing and see how he likes hearing it from his daughter. lol. at least he's happy!


At least your dad is willing to go out and date! He seems fairly happy.

You should feel privileged to come from such a man's DNA. I woulda been like damn my dad is savage af and maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll be endowed with some of it!

I think that's hilarious XD at least he didn't read the description for what he was ordering...

Well better love life than you at least and think about it if he gets sex on the first date you have good genes

AznLuvsMusic 26

As much as he didn't need to mention that last part, at least you know he's happy.

That's a good slogan for a dating site.