By asdfjkl - 15/04/2011 19:51 - United States

Today, my boss friend-requested me on Facebook. My profile picture is of me licking his employee of the month picture for a dare. FML
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Did he call you into the office to do the same thing to him?!?  *wink wink nudge nudge*


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OH MY! That must've been so awkward.... :O

78 she was prob thinking of down below and why the f would u use that as a profile pic

pounding out aggression turned into obsession cannot kill the battery!

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Cannot kill the family Battery is found in me Battery Battery Thrashing all deceivers Mashing non-believers Never ending potency. Metallica.<3

WTF do metallica lyrics have to do with this FML, and how is this a win?

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56, I was thinking the sammee thing!

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I have been fired from my job because of my Facebook profile picture.(same as this one on FML)

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why tf does your boss have an "employee" of the month award?

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perhaps it was given before he became the boss?

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just because he is her boos doesn't mean there aren't people above him too

if he's not your boyfriend then why exactly did you put it up there for?

because maybe she doesn't have a boyfriend, and she thought it would be funny. you ma'am, have zero sense of humor.

maybe, but I said "she" before checking the gender.

the boss could be a girl you never know unless they put more info in their fmls

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100- They're talking about the OP...

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130... you had me staring for sooooooooooo long... you use the same pic as me for my fb

Wow, sorry geez I understand they're "trying" to be funny but everyone has Facebook and you never know who'll see it, and not everyone knows its a joke. Has anyone ever heard of being gay?

Let's clarify! if you observe the top oft corner of the OP, you see the little blue Mars symbol, indicating the OP must be male! Combine that with actually reading the post, and you notice "licking HIS employee blah blah." Hopefully this prevents any further failure at life for the duration of this post.

'Today i found one of my employees on facebook... her display picture is of her licking my employee of the month picture. FML.'