By anonymous - United States
Today, my grandma and I were watching the Ranger's playoff game. As Henrik Lundqvist received a standing ovation from the crowd after blocking 38 shots, she says to me, "Check out his equipment!" My 80-year old grandma just commented on Henrik Lundqvist's package. FML
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  clumsylittleme  |  11

I think this is an FML only because it's OP's grandmother and they find it a little gross, not because she is old but because the person they have known forever is checking someone out. Wouldn't you find it disturbing to hear someone like that say that?? Just saying here.

By  airandfingers  |  0

I was going to ask what sport this is, but #5 seems to have pointed out that it's hockey.. So I'd infer that Henrik is the Rangers' goalie.. But wait, don't they wear huge suits when they're the goalie? How could your grandma check out his package?