By ElephantLover - 11/12/2013 20:14 - United States - San Diego

Today, my grandma added to my elephant collection by giving me some underwear with elephant ears on the hips, and a long, sock-like nose. She has no idea they're meant for a guy. FML
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At least she's trying to make you happy. I would appreciate her gift.


buttcramp 21

I would lol you can find a way to make it appropriate and fun!

Is every guy now kinda wondering now how comfortable these undies are? Or is it just me?

StillUsesMyspace 22

I'm ashamed to admit that I actually looked up this underwear 78, so I would say yes.

Well, it depends on the lining material. Define comfortable. And are they made to size? Not that it should matter of course. It's like the toe socks, for your.. Elephant. I'm gonna go now.

UnluckyGenius 21

Nah, it's irrelephant to her collection.

At least she's trying to make you happy. I would appreciate her gift.

Those are the kinds of gifts that you have to keep forever even though it might not be that useful. It brings up funny memories and will give you a good laugh later on in life.

IworkAt711 14

Yeah, grandma isn't always going to be around, so I'd treasure the things she gives you.

Very sad but true, grandparents should be treasured for sure!

this is hilarious. grandparents are so funny to me. embrace it while they are still around :)

Seems to me there's an elephant in the room..

I think there's more then 1 in the room. I wonder how big this collection really is.

hilarious! wish my grandma was as funny

olpally 32

Lol, sell it for money! Haha. Way to go grandma.

olpally 32

Seeing as the grandma didn't even recognize them as a men's product to begin with, I doubt she'll remember to ask where they are later. Haha.

hunts19ketchup 23

I kinda doubt that elephant underwear are worth very much money...

Lemurcat 12

Considering that OP has an elephant collection, it's safe to say that the grandma was trying to do something nice for her and put some effort into finding a unique gift (I mean seriously, where do you find elephant undies?) Just making a profit on granny's love is a dick move. And just because she doesn't realize that the undies are for men doesn't mean she's senile. In conclusion, Olpally, I hope someone shoves a Jumbo sized Sharpie Marker down your dickhole.

olpally 32

Thanks for using your phrase twice today lemur... Stay classy. Thanks for the novel as well. I hope I die too. Thanks.

#46, calm down, it's not that serious. Plus, olpally's comments are always really dumb so relax.

@46 They usually have those kind of things as joke gifts at sex shops. That being said I'm very curious and slightly concerned as to where the grandmother found them.