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  Odis12  |  11

Well, it depends on the lining material. Define comfortable. And are they made to size? Not that it should matter of course. It's like the toe socks, for your.. Elephant. I'm gonna go now.

  Exhaling  |  12

Those are the kinds of gifts that you have to keep forever even though it might not be that useful. It brings up funny memories and will give you a good laugh later on in life.

  olpally  |  32

Seeing as the grandma didn't even recognize them as a men's product to begin with, I doubt she'll remember to ask where they are later. Haha.

  Lemurcat  |  12

Considering that OP has an elephant collection, it's safe to say that the grandma was trying to do something nice for her and put some effort into finding a unique gift (I mean seriously, where do you find elephant undies?) Just making a profit on granny's love is a dick move. And just because she doesn't realize that the undies are for men doesn't mean she's senile.
In conclusion, Olpally, I hope someone shoves a Jumbo sized Sharpie Marker down your dickhole.

  lux0rd  |  18

They usually have those kind of things as joke gifts at sex shops. That being said I'm very curious and slightly concerned as to where the grandmother found them.