By fuundmental/// - Australia
  Today, I was looking in my grandparents' drawers and cupboards to find a blanket, but instead found a stash of sex toys, and a male G-string with a horse on the front. The best bit? When you press the horse's nose, it neighs. FML
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just wanted to add to this, some people are mega exceptions. my parents had me very late. my parents are 67 and 62. my grandparents were all in their 90's before they passed away.

  Timmy_Boy  |  17

everyone is saying how old or young their parents and grandparents are, this information has no impact if we don't know the age of the comment writer

  43bubba34  |  25

When I was 13, my sisters bestfriend had a baby at 15. Her mom was 31, and her grandma was 51. So you don't have to be old to be a grandparent. You just got to have slutty daughters.


That is why I am wondering. If I was in that situation, I'd either be running away or crying in a corner before I looked to see the gender the g-string was intended for... let alone stick around long enough to push the horse's various body parts to see if it did anything...

  cldean24  |  4

I was wondering the same thing. OP knew everything in there. If I saw those things I would immediately get away from them not fondle them!


Hey grimmerie, ummm I kinda need that "thing" back I lent you last year. You know.. the one that only you fit into but I got the surgery so I can fit into it now. I hope you didn't lend it out.