By fuundmental/// - 09/04/2011 05:46 - Australia

Today, I was looking in my grandparents' drawers and cupboards to find a blanket, but instead found a stash of sex toys, and a male G-string with a horse on the front. The best bit? When you press the horse's nose, it neighs. FML
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Sounds like someone hit the jackpot.

Why the **** would you press it's nose?! xD

franciexoxo 2

33-I was thinking the exact same thing....

90-Saying LMFAO would be fine. The fact that you spelled it out in all capital letters, that makes you look like a genuine ass.

Since when is 'a' 2 syllables? I ain't neva heard o' dat.

109 pressing doesn't require touching, does it.?

seriously thats what I was wondering. I hate touching my kids underwear, let alone grandparent underwear

That's EPIC. TBH, I'd steal the knickers and sport them about town flaunting what I've got.

MrFlintstone 5

y would you squeeze the horse does anyone else find this disturbing

shit that last comment was meant for 90 sorry

yea take it... then when the persons grandparents find it missing they know exactly who did it... brilliant idea haha

gigglezbabii22 2

Wow 90 that was pretty stupid. Idk if you realized this but, a is only one syllable. (Just saying :p)

yuck!!!! old ppl havin coitess disgusting!

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9, how old are your grandparents? coz last time I checked they're usually around 50-60+ Idjit.

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@22.. lmao funny ass username. and grandparents being 50-60's? fml, my dads 59 and my moms like 57. lol.

#9, Um... my mother is in her late 50s and my father is near mid 60s.

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9, fails hard. My parents are in their late 30's. So my grandparents could be your parents age.

RainbowHeadache 2

Now-a-days it's more 40s-60s. Most of the people I know anyways & around where I live.

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my grandparents are in their early 80's and my parents in their late 40's. it also depends on your religion.

43- 30 years old!? 16 and pregnant much!

Am I the only one having a fit over the misspelling of coitus? If you're gonna act smart by using more intelligent words, spell them correctly.

43- if your profiles correct, you were born in 1990 and your parents are STILL in their 30s? I agree with 100; "16 and pregnant much?"

dudeitsdanny 9

We also have to consider OP's age: I'd guess 12 at the very least, so even if it's a young pregnancy, I'd say they're, at the very least, 40.

SuckerPunchurMom 0

Yes I believe 38 and 39. don't remember who's which age though...???

100- actually my mom was 21 when she had me and she's now 36 or something

173, is your mom a grandparent? that's what this discussion is about.

just wanted to add to this, some people are mega exceptions. my parents had me very late. my parents are 67 and 62. my grandparents were all in their 90's before they passed away.

everyone is saying how old or young their parents and grandparents are, this information has no impact if we don't know the age of the comment writer

When I was 13, my sisters bestfriend had a baby at 15. Her mom was 31, and her grandma was 51. So you don't have to be old to be a grandparent. You just got to have slutty daughters.

129 - so my moms young to, but im adopted. it dosent matter age because if your adopted then anyone could be your rents. old or young.

43 - you're 21. If your parents are in their 30's, your mom must have you around, oh, I don't know, 14.

rebekahah 7

yeah! why was OP even touching the nose?

I hope op learned their lesson...

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This is funny sh!t made me laugh

That's... kinda... creepy... (A cookie for whoever knows to which ZyouTube video I'm referencing)

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mischiefkel 17

Why did you press the horse's nose, OP??

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"its a pillow, its a pet its a pillow pet" ! haha

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40- nothing is wrong with me ok

angel2293 0

by the way watz "OP" ? and "YDI" ?

OP- Original poster YDI- You deserve it.

it's a G-string, it's a horse! It's a g-string horse!

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I was wondering the same thing...Why would he mess with his grandfathers underwear

maybe op likes the smell of stale grandpa semen

you_freak 7

Just what I was wondering! Eeeewwww!!

I wouldn't even shake hands with my grandfather after that =-/

curiosity lol!!! I would prob squeeze it just to see what it does :)

that was my first thought too... eeww

So the thing u decided to do was touch it's nose to see if it did something? I guess freaky stuff runs in the family

Brooke__Lynn 5

exactly what I thinking!!! your not supposed to touch them

That is why I am wondering. If I was in that situation, I'd either be running away or crying in a corner before I looked to see the gender the g-string was intended for... let alone stick around long enough to push the horse's various body parts to see if it did anything...

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haha right... exactly what I was thinking, that's why they totally deserved this one

Michele2luv 8

^ my kid doesn't have a pillow pet like that. that's really gross tho op lol

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sounds like a typical friday night for me..

ImaWiseGuy 5

going thru your grandparents sex drawer?

^^^^ LMFAO i was avout to say that ahaha

hammerfall26 6

why would you touch it long enough to find out it neighs?!?!?! nasty grandpa ball residue for you!

Op didn't just touch it, they took a good whiff of it and tried it on aswell.

cldean24 4

I was wondering the same thing. OP knew everything in there. If I saw those things I would immediately get away from them not fondle them!

I was wondering where I left that thing. Tell your grandma to call me.

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Hey grimmerie, ummm I kinda need that "thing" back I lent you last year. You know.. the one that only you fit into but I got the surgery so I can fit into it now. I hope you didn't lend it out. ;)