Oh, hai Mark!

By hi Mum - 11/12/2013 19:59 - United States - North Charleston

Today, I learned that just because you live on a different continent, it doesn't mean your mother won't come knocking when you are having sex. FML
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Mum: *flies plane to the continent you live on* Mum: are you guys having sex? Mum: *flies back*

nikkon416 13

Did you put a sock on the door?


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You should have been like "It's fun time!" to your mother. I hope that's what you meant but either way it's not funny.

...you don't deserve first comment.

It's a mother's love for their child. I know it definitely sucks but she means no harm. :)

It shows that she loves you that much if she travels to another continent to see you! :D

I think mums child is tryna get love from someone else at the moment

Sounds like an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond haha

cryssycakesx3 22

oh 53 I'd like to punch her right in the throat. damn that. I wish my MIL would try to treat me like that especially in my own house. she's be put back into her place. *sigh* I guess I forget sometimes that it is TV and supposed to get you worked up.

You sound like one of those old fashioned males... except for the male part.

You visit a child a few cities over unannounced. You don't visit a child in another damn continent unannounced.

awkward mom strikes again!

nikkon416 13

Did you put a sock on the door?

They probably gave a different custom where he is

XIceBlueX 21

The sock on the door is an unwritten international symbol.

Exactly, everyone knows what it means. Though living by ones self, no roommate, no need for a sock; ignore the door and pretend to not be home.

Nice timing.

At least she knocked

Mum: *flies plane to the continent you live on* Mum: are you guys having sex? Mum: *flies back*

Why is this not top comment?

This isn't iFunny

It kinda is top comment based on the likes sooo :p go back to ifunny

I can see it now: "I flew all the way from (insert country) to see you, and had my flightmate fart something awful, and this is what I find?!"

cryssycakesx3 22

oh ifunny. what a ridiculous app that it. I deleted it when it became "repost for naked exgf photos/cool new lockscreens"

An ocean wasn't even enough of a buffer zone. Your mother is scarier than Estelle Costanza.

At least she cares :)

Oh god i accidently pressed YDI. Trust me you did not :)

So did I! -__-

rockne93 17

"Doesnt matter had sex"

Terri_Dactal 13

"Still counts!"

Does matter, couldn't finish.