By Anonymous - 12/07/2012 06:40 - United States - Houston

Today, an old guy approached me and asked if I had ever seen an elephant with white ears. I shook my head. He then pulled the pockets out of his shorts and whipped out his sex nose. FML
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bengermin 5

It'd probably have been way scarier if it had tusks.

You should have kicked the elephant in the chin.


bengermin 5

It'd probably have been way scarier if it had tusks.

Or if the "trunk" started spraying...

Or if the elephant raised its "trunk" and started charging

Dr0reos 8

Am i the only one whos still on the sex nose thing.

MrBrightside21 20

I've been using that pick up line for years... as a joke of course. It's all fun and games until someone gets pepper sprayed, tazed, and ends up in the back of a cop car. Where are people's sense of humor these days?

73 - Nah dont worry about it, if OP says it, it makes 2 of us. We are gaining power, and soon, SEXNOSE WILL BE POLITICALLY CORRECT!

Mr Brightside, you just brightened my day! Brilliant!

MrBrightside21 20

159 - I am trying to get popular enough so that when people leave nice comments like that, they get thumbed up. But I have no friends, remember?

free2speak 14

Can someone explain this to me? Yeah yeah, go all "omg! you don't know" or "what! what world are you living in?" on me but I tried google first. It didn't work. so here I am, tucking my shame and pride in a corner, and asking for someone to explain this to me in probably the most criticizing of places.

BradTheBrony 19

The inside out pockets are the ears. The penis is the trunk. The you is sheltered and/or brain-damaged beyond repair.

What would of been good if OP said "ever seen an elephant with white ears and a broken trunk?"

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It was only obvious to 2 because they frequently preform this "party trick" to random women.

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klovemachine 24

Wrong #2 wrong wrong wrong :)

Yeah umm I wasn't exactly thinking it would be pockets out with a penis sticking out in front. Glad you saw it coming though, have you shown people an elephant with white ears before hmm?

dougiewhale 6

It's just the same as if some asked if you ever wondered what it's like to kiss a bunny between the ears! Ha ha ha

Are you stupid or were you just born daft?

TahoeFMler 22

What is "kissing a bunny between the ears?"

kittytub 12

I imagined the ears were legs. if the bunny is upside down it makes sense... kinda.

Yeah I don't get the bunny one either. And I don't think that was remotely obvious.

brohamas16 7

Haha I wont lie that's actually semi creative

DarkHelmet 10

OP should've thought up a semi creative way to whoop that guys ass

no no.. OP should have thrown peanuts at the elephant xD

floopyflooper 2

118- I think the elephant already had nuts.

Well at least now I know what to expect if anyone ever asks me that question.

You should have kicked the elephant in the chin.

Aug1508 9

Your comment caught me off guard, it made me laugh so hard I'm getting the hiccups.

citymayer 7

167- I agree. How does one correct another's individuality?

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Seeing that op posted an fml on it, we would be inclined to believe the answer to your stupid comment is: No.

No shit Sherlock It was an obvious joke and not a question!

You do realize that #62 made a joke too, right?

peachesncreem 21

66 - I'm guessing the people thumbing you down didn't catch your "obvious joke".

66 - Just because it was an obvious joke doesn't mean it was funny...

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130 - People usually don't say their own "joke" is ever funny. Just stop trying.

Who the hell makes jokes with the intention of them not being funny? Who are you, Dane Cook?

130, just stop. You already look really stupid, don't make it worse.

All right guys. One person was enough to tell him that. No need to gang up on him.

....I thought it was funny! I laughed really hard hahahaz!!

I don't think elephants live in caves... I could be wrong but still, you're not funny.

justspin 7

I love how you used the term "sex nose".. It made me laugh. That's a new one to me.

Shadowvoid 33

It was so new it took me 5 whole seconds to understand.

It didn't use that term when I moderated it. O.o

tandem123 6

I thought he had one of those pairs of glasses with the big nose and fuzzy eyebrows, and likes to ware it during intercourse. Then I figured it out, and am now slightly disappointed.

citymayer 7

It made me cringe. And then I felt like looking for a face to punch.

I've never heard that but I have heard 'have you ever kissed a bunny between the ears' and pulling out your pockets.

Do u like cat brains? Then you whip out your balls...

Hm, these are worth some trial and error. Better call the wife!!

olpally 32

What about it? Don't leave us hanging!!!

aleeshttylXD 9

at first i thought u shit in ur sink......

now that you have seen it , you were obviously less then impressed with it, should of told him that lol.