By tallvet - 22/03/2018 19:00

Today, I told my wife to not drive our car as it has a steering problem and is starting to shake. I got home from work to see it had a flat tire, and asked her if she went anywhere. She'd thought I was exaggerating and went out for coffee. I've been a mechanic for 7 years. FML
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Zekfen 17

If a man speaks in a forrest and no woman is around to hear, is he still wrong?

"The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Run!"


Zekfen 17

If a man speaks in a forrest and no woman is around to hear, is he still wrong?

If you’re such a hotshot mechanic, why didn’t you fix your own car first? Huh?

ohsnapword 21

A master mechanic is always too busy fixing other people's cars to fix his own.

The cobbler’s children are always barefoot.

For some reason they never want to believe what we say

The person you are in a relationship with

The Russians?

onceuponatime456 16

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"The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Run!"

Being a mechanic for 2 or 3 years doesn’t qualify you to tell your wife what to do or not do. If a friend calls and says, “Let’s get coffee.” what’s she supposed to do? Telling her her friend, “Sorry, my car is dangerous to drive” is just rude. Stop exaggerating her irresponsibility!

This is an issue of safety and preventing further damage to the car. Relax buddy.

He had a legitimate reason for asking his wife not to drive the car: The steering and shaking problem. Had someone called to say, hey, let's get a cup of coffee, OP's wife could have asked her friend to pick her up since her car is having issues and hubby wants to take a look at it before she drives it again.

So telling her friend that her car is too dangerous to drive is rude, but risking an accident and possible injury or damaging the car further isn't?

Sarcasm.... missed by so many

And he's been a mechanic for 7 years, so I think he knows what he's talking about. He told her about it in the interest of her safety. The friend could've picked her up or come over for coffee.

This is sarcasm, right?

Donut_Wizard 23

Could be worse. Your wife could be Meg.

WeirdUS 29

Unfortunately people assume now most things are exaggerated even when the statement could not be any clearer they keep testing it. If they Do use it and it’s fine you were exaggerating if something happens they assumed you were exaggerating so they didn’t think anything was wrong and not their fault.

Wait a minute, are you saying that you noticed a steering problem but not the flat tire that was causing it?

UOFreak07 8

Shaky steering could mean it needs an alignment. that's what happened to me

dude. the steering problem was there. she drove it and caused the flat tire. he is not saying the flat tire caused the steering problem

ohsnapword 21

Don't feel bad. I work in IT and every time I tell my wife something about the computer, she tells me I'm wrong. I may be an expert in the field, but to her, I'll always be her idiot husband. In all fairness, she will always be my idiot wife to me.