By littlefinger - 11/03/2014 16:11 - United States - Foley

Today, my girlfriend was telling me how sometimes things seem pretty impressive at first, but can turn out to be colossal disappointments when you try them out. "Like your cock," she bitterly finished. FML
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Hey OP she did say colossal so you still got something going for ya

AnOriginalName 19

And impressive. And sometimes. So that means that there are other times! #32, I think you're on to something here.

Read it again she said "colossal disappointment"

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I don't think you're getting it, 54. Just like OP....

No because your joke is just stupid. She said colossal disappointment. Colossal is an adjective describing the amount of disappointment. So this pun is just terrible. Have a seat.

I didn't realize we were sitting in English class all of a sudden.

You took the words right put of my mouth #1. I'd said something snippy along the lines of "that's funny, your best friend doesn't seem to think so. she keeps coming back for more!" If her best friend is a dude, I would still do it and blow her mind with a level of ****** up she couldn't begin to comprehend.

There are just some things you cannot change. I'm sure you have a wonderful personality. Good luck, OP, hopefully she gets over it.

Oh geez. Not that lousy consolation prize. "You're overweight, nauseatingly hairy, and smell like feet, but hey! You got a GREAT personality."

Well, #57, isn't it a tiny bit better than being overweight, nauseatingly hairy, smelling like feet and having a /bad/ personality? :P

57, that's why I said it lol I'm glad you caught on, I wasn't sure if some would.

It's not the size of the boat, its the motion of the ocean that matters.

And in this case, it's the motion of the ocean that isn't doing it for her

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It's a shame no one commented on OP's name.

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Oh my god! This whole time we've been thinking he is some knee knocking pool noodle tripod when the whole time he is more like a well endowed baby

Funny how when a man says something like that, it's "he's a jerk", but when a woman does, it's "ouch". Huh.

#35 a dude posted "ouch" further down in the comments, I don't see you chastising them.

And apparently your relationship. Charming girl, that one. Definitely a keeper.

Hate to say this as it's so overused but, dump the bitch. Friends like this, who needs enemies?

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I'd have said "Or like wanting to be in a relationship with you, huh?" and either walked out of the room, or warned her not to let the door hit her on the way out.

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It's like my husband says: you can't criticize someone for something they were born with. Whether it's small breasts or a small penis. It's what you were born with. Keep your chin up OP

as much as i agree with this, the first thing i thought of was if people were to stay with what they had when they were born, there would be a lot of flat chested women and guys with tiny, tiny penises.

she didn't say his size was the problem. he just needs to get more practice and learn how to please his woman. apparently, she actually said it was impressive

@30 She said it seemed impressive. It may have looked impressive before experiencing but having experienced it it is no longer impressive.

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going by the username littlefinger I'm thinking its impressive soft size was as big as it got and that the problem wasn't technique related.