By Anonymous - 11/03/2014 15:47 - United States - Peachtree City

Today, we had a surprise party for my boss. Someone turned out all the lights. I was so scared of the dark, the first thing my boss saw when he walked in was all my co-workers watching me scream, "TURN IT ON!" FML
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I'm sure he was surprised, and amused... FYL.

Do you sleep with the lights on?! O_o


I'm sure he was surprised, and amused... FYL.

Lebeaugars95 20

make him think it was planned OP

Being scared of the dark as an adult. I'd say it's more like a YDI.

Meh. OP could be 16. Maybe OP was just surprised about the lights being on and had a minor panic attack from being packed in a dark area with a bunch of people.

OP, it might be worth checking with a therapist on that one. I can see that harming personal growth and possible future relationships.

It sounds more like an anxiety attack than a panic attack. Anxiety attacks are caused by something while panic attacks come randomly. And even if OP is 16, they still should've outgrown their fear of the dark by now.

Well, OP said "I was so scared of the dark," they didnt say "because of my fear of the dark." There's nothing that says OP has an actual fear of the dark, it could have been spontaneous, thus being a panic attack. But idk. It could be just the way this FML was written.

Fear of the dark is a dodgy thing. Hope you're well OP

Hahaha, I guess we never get over our fears. Hopefully he has a sense of humor to laugh it off.

Canadian? "We don't love the dark, but who does?"

Do you sleep with the lights on?! O_o

I have a friend that's scared of the dark and he has a little mini lantern thing that he keeps beside his bed.

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I use a night light still and I'm 22 years old. If I have a weird dream and wake up in compete darkness it freaks me out. So the night light helps since I immediately know where I am upon waking up if it's still dark outside. Also, it helps me get to the bathroom in the dark. lol

almost 20 years old and i still sleep with a night light. im not ashamed. i can sleep without one, but i feel more confortable with some light because i see strange shapes when it's dark

Unfortunately, having a light on while you sleep ***** up the quality if your sleep and leaves you unable to sleep well.

Aiden Stubblefield 9

as someone afraid off the dark, i have drapes on the side of my bunk bed so i cant see the dark and a tv. im use to it and sleep fine, cant sleep without it

Well it looks like someone isn't going to be invited to anymore surprise parties lol. Things happen OP, I'm sure he was surprised somehow.

Perhaps you can play it cool and pretend you meant the music. Let's get this party started!

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Let's get it started in here! Let's get it started, a ha!

"What? Turn it on? No, i said turn UP!"

Saying surprise was too mainstream anyway :p

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