By nodoggforme - 31/01/2015 00:13 - United States - Beaverton

Today, my girlfriend ran off with my beloved dog. Why? Yesterday she asked me who I'd choose, and I honestly said that I would choose the dog. FML
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nodoggforme tells us more.

OP here. Just to set things straight, we'd only been dating for about 3 weeks and weren't lifelong friends before that or anything. My dog I've had for 7 years, so yeah, he won. I agree that if it had been the other way around I would have deserved it. The whole thing came up when we were sitting on the couch and I was rubbing my dog's back. Psycho chick then asked why I wasn't rubbing hers instead and asked who I cared for more and choose. "'Cause you can only have one!" Now I have none :(. Still looking for my dog.

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Of course. The dog would never ask to choose in such an idiotic way.


TomoeShinShi 8

I can totally relate. My ex loved to tell everyone she would throw a man out of her bed before her dogs. Well, she did. I hope she's happy not living among humans.

I think it depends on the relationship. If you suddenly get a new partner and they want to kick out your dogs that may have been sleeping with you for years, then I wouldn't be ok with it either. Luckily my dog actually prefers her bed, because my boyfriend doesn't like sleeping with her.

I completely agree that it depends on the relationship, I had to move to Perth for my work and my boyfriend decided to come with me rather than break up, unfortunately we had to leave his dog in Melbourne with family until we can find a house that will allow us to have him (he's a bull arab, so quite large) it's quite upsetting for both of us and I hate that he had to chose that way between us :( hopefully we can make it right soon :)

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Something tells me the only one he's really upset about is his dog.

If she ran off, they're probably not going out anymore...

No one should be with a person who would make them choose between them and their dog.

Of course. The dog would never ask to choose in such an idiotic way.

meli1195 31

well place the dog in the middle and see where it runs to

You two missed the point; dogs are badass animals who won't give ya bullshit.

No, not bullshit. Dogshit? Yes, lots of dogshit.

Wow she sounds mature. Boyfriend pisses you off, run off with his dog!

Even just asking him to choose. I mean, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships are quite different from owner-dog ones anyway..

Plot twist: Knowing she would pick the dog if she had to choose; she ran away with it. She was just calling dibs on the pup!

XcuzimsotiredX 25

sadly there are people who can't ya know live with dogs? plus who would say that out loud?! you lie there duh!

How about right away instead. The dog probably doesn't have 12 years. If you're talking about the girlfriend who'd take that back?