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Today, my girlfriend of nine months made a huge scene in public, calling me a "cheating bastard" because she saw me with another woman at the library. That "other woman" is my Calculus tutor. FML
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Explain it to her. Maybe it'll add up for her.

You were staring too hard at her curves; your graph was tending towards +infinity and your girlfriend saw it. I wouldn't count on things going any better without a well caluclated apology. If she still hasn't forgiven you after you get to the root of this misunderstanding, then this is a bad sine for your relationship


Explain it to her. Maybe it'll add up for her.

It's time for her girlfriend to get real and stop acting square. These accusations are just plane unacceptable and quite simply ab-Surd

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Exactly, get her to be positive rather then negative about this.

17- for some odd reason, your face really bothers me.

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tell her that it is a prime example jumping to conclusions, and she shouldn't go off on a tangent about cheating. There are many derivatives to what one sees and can interpret but a person can have their limits to what they will put up with.....ok....I'm done...*head clutch of remembered pain*

She shouldve just asked who she was instead of making a big scene!

25-Um, ****? Your face ******* bothers me. Pleo's cute. You're just...bleh.

52 -- WHOOOOSH!!!! Hear that? It's the sound of this entire thread flying miles and miles above your head...

Here we go Agon. #72, that was mighty Factorial

This whole pun thread seems a little bit derivative.

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She seems a bit out of tune. Not only should someone not jump to conclusions immediately, but making a scene is just as childish. I know from experience, hopefully this is fhe first and last time this happens!

So let me get this straight: once you're in a relationship, you're not allowed to speak to any girls at all? And just because you spoke to one, that automatically means you're cheating? Smh.

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That's how my psycho ex was. He called me a cheating ***** for texting my supervisor and asking if the schedule is up. He then threatened to come into work and cause a scene.

Wow, I don't know how some guys get like that. I could never be with a girl I don't trust around a bunch of guys I dont know. I'm not the jealous type because I'm a person who trusts my partner and doesn't look for complaints.

Once you explain it was your tutor, everything should be inte-grate.

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OP should tell the girlfriend that she should i (to π): which is to be rational π (to i): and to get real

You were staring too hard at her curves; your graph was tending towards +infinity and your girlfriend saw it. I wouldn't count on things going any better without a well caluclated apology. If she still hasn't forgiven you after you get to the root of this misunderstanding, then this is a bad sine for your relationship

I agree, if she cannot differentiate cheating from tutoring then you need to evaluate your relationship. Otherwise you will just be stuck at a stationary point, if she can't integrate to the situation then you might just need to talk with respect to her behaviour. The derivative could be a previous issue with an x-boyfriend that she never solved. If it doesn't function after this then you need to sum your relationship, and find someone with less parameters. Otherwise, get her to understand the magnitude of her actions on direction of your relationship and that it is imaginary that you would cheat because of your moral boundaries. She must expect a proprtional-bound relationship.

Yeah.. I don't think his pun needed yours 28.

It was punny enough to keep me reading after the first two lines. I thought it was a nice follow-up.

I love it when people are punny. No need to hate on it, 32.

if OP didnt explain to her he had a female tutor he deserves it. if your in a relationship that long you would think it right to let your partner know ahead of time so this doesnt happen

That does not justify making a huge public scene. What is she, 12?

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So OP should identify and provide justification to his girlfriend before he speaks to, or accepts help from a female? Isn't that just a little excessive?

Also, OP may have been embarrassed to need a tutor and didn't want to say anything to his girlfriend.

5 - If your significant other needs detailed information on where you are and who you are with like that, any sane person's advice would be start running.

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If OP's girlfriend has so little faith in OP that she needs to accuse him of cheating when she saw him with a woman... IN PUBLIC, STUDYING MATH, then she has no right to be dating. The VERY LEAST she could have done was introduce herself, maybe ask about it. (In a NICE way, not a "omghe'scheating" type way. NOBODY deserves this, male or female. If you can't trust someone, you shouldn't date them.

If he's embarrassed about needing a tutor he needs to grow up. I have a physics tutor and I'm not ashamed.

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Perhaps he's taking a remedial class? Failing grades are (correctly or not) associated with low intelligence, which comes with a heavy social stigma in most social circles.

What? Why? That's stupid. Does he have to announce female lecturers, too?

If it makes you feel better 5, I understood what you meant. I think what they were trying to say is sometimes, things can look worse than they are if they haven't already been mentioned ahead of time. My bf and I have a relationship where we share everything like that so it can't be misconstrued as purposely keeping something from the other which is way worse than just mentioning, "hey, I got a new math tutor, her name is ______, I just wanted you to know." That way, she knows about the tutor so she won't jump to conclusions which can make people do some pretty dumb stuff.

Honestly I don't think nine months is that long, maybe that's just me. Besides you'd think his girl friend would have enough trust in him to not immediately assume he's cheating, or to at least bring it up quietly in private if it's truly bothering her. Communication is a fantastic thing.

If she does stuff like that often, then I would get out while you can O.o However she could also just be extra sensitive and emotional if she's on her period or something like that in which case you should just reassure her that you're not cheating and you love her :) i know when I'm on my period, I can get upset over the smallest things...

I pitty your significant other then. PMS is no excuse, that's why there's Midol and hot water bottles. It's unnecessary to terrorize your friends and family as women have suffered periods forever and its not like you're the first.

To be fair, hormonal imbalances cause irrational behaviour. Some people have worse imbalances during their period than others and so will react differently. Not condoning the gf's behaviour, but some people have it seriously rough with PMS.

The cramps vs. the hormonal imbalance... See the difference? Try again.

Sounds like the beginning of a bad porno to me.

What **** do you watch that features a crazy bitch girlfriend? Or are you referring to the calculus tutor in the library? Though that too is a long shot

A math tutor and a library sounds like a potential softcore, Cinemax special to me.

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Banging the tutor, good call. Beauty is a light switch away, but stupid is forever.

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Well you know as well as I do what happens when you drink and derive.