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Today, my girlfriend got up in the middle of sex saying, "You're taking too long, I'm gonna go make some popcorn." I asked her if she could get me some. She said no. FML
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That's a new one. I didn't know there was such a thing as " taking too long" for a girl. I say you deserved the popcorn at least.


wow #18 then it seems to me you just don't know how to keep it interesting in bed most people complain their man goes to quick I normally don't hear about them complaining that they are taking their time and trying to please you, you are just all back wards..... then again trying it backwards might help you stay inerested.

No kidding, I've never met a girl that got upset that it was too long. Is it that you aren't orgasming as it goes on? I'm intrigued by all this.

I can't get off from sex, so sometimes if my partner takes too long, it does get a little boring and perhaps even painful. But that's very rare that that happens, and I'd never just get up and say he was taking too long before he was done. I have said, "Um, I'm sorry, but I'm starting to get sore," but never just, "you're taking too long and I'm hungry."

#49 I have to say, it REALLY sucks to be you.

I generally get off during foreplay. Anything after that is beyond boring to me. My mind wanders too much after I'm finished. Honestly, I prefer mutual masturbation (or, if I'm being perfectly honest, solo masturbation...I don't care much for relationships any more).

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Only about 30% of women can get of from penetration alone. A lot will fake it because they're embarrassed. My motto is "Don't be a little shit, rub that clit!"

You aren't alone #49! I am the same way sadly. No matter what I can not get off when having sex with a partner. It can get painful as well sometimes when I go for too long, but never have I been rude in that way.

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18 if you're getting bored... either he doesn't know what he's doing or he's just too small. In sex both parties should have an ******. You lucky ladies get to have more then one.

Exactly. We both know I'm not gonna get off so why are you taking longer than half an hour? I'm sore, I'm hungry, just finish up already!

This comment thread makes me sad for all of you who have bad sex. I have a newfound appreciation for my sex life. You know how much it would hurt my pride if I couldn't get my wife off? Maybe that was his problem. He starts thinking about his inadequacy and he can't get off either. Most of it is mental, after all.

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It's actually very common that women can't ****** during intercourse. maybe more common than women who can. I would still never do this, tho.

I second #49's comment. It can take a while, especially if your partner has already had an ****** at least once within the same day. From experience, men take a little longer after the first ******, so if I'm going for longer than, say, 30 minutes, it starts to wear out my muscles, and I start focusing more on the pain than the pleasure. At that point, I have to let my partner know that I'm getting physically tired, and he usually understands.

I have an ex who would take forever in bed. I also can't ****** from penetration. Not even if there's clitoral stimulation in addition to penetration. Usually oral works or I have to do it myself. It pretty much always got to the point where it was numb or painful with my ex and then I couldn't even finish. Not pleasant with a guy who goes too long. There is an optimal middle ground, though I really don't even mind if the guy gets off really quickly because then I can just have him go down on me and we're all good :D there's too much pressure on guys to last long I think, I guess it just depends on the girl's preference and how she gets off.

i love penetration sex. i cant get off on clitorial stimulation though. i guess im the odd one out. penetration does it for me. other stimulation, nope.

I'm with 134.... I can't even handle any touch on my clit (I'm extremely sensitive), besides my own. I am a squirter though, so penetration does me better than oral, fingering, or even any sort of foreplay. lol. It makes me sad.

Every vulva is different :) I also wish that I could get off from penetration. On the plus side, though, I'm currently dating someone who is veeeery good at oral.

I appreciate this thread. I thought I was the only one that took forever to climax, which made me sad. ): Thank you, FML community! :)

That's a new one. I didn't know there was such a thing as " taking too long" for a girl. I say you deserved the popcorn at least.

Sometimes a boy just can't focus and yeah, such things as ******** can actually take longer than you'd like them to be.

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There is a point for my wife where I'm 'taking too long' because she can't take anymore O's.

@ 12; or maybe you just aren't doing it right.

#23 o couldn't agree me if it takes you more than 5 minutes to get the guy off by doing a ******** you need to try something new just saying

That's not necessarily true, sometimes even if the sex/******* is good, a guy just takes longer. There's no set time for a guy to ******, it just happens when it happens. Some take longer than others

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Throwing out the possibility that she was bored because if you're mature enough to have sex you should be able to communicate. Sex can take too long. If you've found a lad who can go, get up and go again for hours you're bound to get exhausted. There's only so much a girl can take before she has to load up on carbohydrates.

It can vary greatly, and taking a long time doesn't necessarily mean she's doing anything wrong. Sometimes he's just not in the right state of mind, distracted, or uncomfortable for some unrelated reason. For example, if he needs to use the bathroom he might not be able yup get off no matter what she does until after he relieves himself.

I have to agree completely #50, I can't finish up when I have to use the restroom or when my mind is distracted by other things (such as hunger or thirst). Literally impossible.

I think you guys (the people who can't finish because they're hungry) need to get in touch with your mind.

Their "minds," huh? Is that what they're calling it these days? ;)

#50, what you just said is exactly what I meant. Sex is indeed all about communication. I believe that when you don't want to talk about it, then you aren't ready to have sex too. Time isn't related to the quality of the pleasure. I've known some guys who have strong distraction problems, even while receiving oral. They start thinking about all different kinds of stuff and can't focus. oh and #12, that's certainly not the problem ;)

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That's not true at all. Unless you're the BJ expert 5 min is super fast

******** only take too long if you don't know how to do it right ;)

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It depends f you're doing it right. I have been asked to "hurry up I'm sore tho"

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As a guy I can say that a ******** never takes too long. The longer the better.

That not usually a problem, so spice up the sex life OP

First you have to pop your own cob, then make your own popcorn, how sad.

It is usually a problem, except most women don't say anything. We just wait for you to finish.

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Microwave popcorn can actually cause cancer in the long run because of what the companies line the inside of the bags with

PoisonOrchid 21

I'm pretty sure everything can be proven to cause cancer in the long run.

In 100% of the cases of cancer the person was known to have ingested water shortly before finding out. Tidbit for the day.

Not quite 100%. Please define shortly. :)

#72, where does that info come from? Facebook? I also saw a (fake) story about the wax they use in ramen noodles causing cancer.

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Hah no. Actually I read about it in an article after a scientific study was done.

why wouldnt she want you to last longer instead of shorter?

I just meant girls usually have the exact opposit issue with guys finishing times

shes either bored (ste up your game OP!) or possibly sore from him taking too long. the motion of him thrusting into her will start to hurt after a short while if she cant stay lubricated. also, depending on the size of her ****** and the size of his penis, he may be hitting her cervix which will get sore if he is hitting it repeatedly.

Pain from going too long is common and a lot of women can't get off from penetration so that can make it kind of boring after a while and you start to get numb. Doesn't necessarily have to do with the guys "performance".

The first time I saw your pic, I thought it was an eye

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Teach me the ways of your endurance.

Get a girlfriend who's boring in bed #9

********** enough for thy penis to become effing sore. Works for me

Might have been trying to brush of the fact that his GF was more interested in popcorn than sex with him.