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Today, I walked to an interview on my college campus. I got there early. The place was empty. I assumed I wrote the date wrong. Several hours later, a friend who also was interviewed asked me how my interview went. The date, time and location were all right. I don't know how I got lost. FML
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Needamap tells us more.

OP here! I agree with you #5, I was probably at the wrong location if no one was already there. However, the guy wrote down the address the day before, and I walked to that address to the best of my ability. I should never have left so soon after I realized that I was in the wrong area. I assumed that I knew the building well enough, so I only arrived five minutes early. All of my previous interviews have gone smoothly, so I had no reason to believe that this time I would mistakenly stumble into an alternate universe. #15, thank you for not judging me too harshly. Although the interviewer was kind enough to suggest that we reschedule, he hasn't followed up with me in a few days. Missing my interview was my fault; I should have been better prepared. Luckily I have some other options, so not all hope is lost. As for my friend, he is a classmate in a later class. We've never exchanged numbers. It was mere coincidence we both had interviews.

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I doubt the location was 'right' if you were lost...

large campus' are easy to get lost in! happens to the best of us


Sorry OP that happens, specially with big schools, tell them hopefully they will understand and give you another chance.

That's weird. :/

large campus' are easy to get lost in! happens to the best of us

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sorry it sounded a lot funnier in my head :/

Not so funny if your SO is saying it ;)

I doubt the location was 'right' if you were lost...

Maybe she had the location right like the library for example, thought she was in the library but was actually in another wing of the school. Got the right location but mistook exactly where it was for somewhere else

Either way her location would be wrong though.

You should've taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

You deserve it for not asking someone. fyl for missing it all the same.

"The place was empty" implies there was no one to ask.

There could've been a number to call.

clearly it wasnt empty has his friend was there.

"Several hours later"

If the date, time and place were correct; it's possible that they forgot they had you coming in for an interview. If that's the case then I'm sure they'll be able to reschedule.

Whenever I have an important appointment, I go beforehand, to make sure of where I am going. Regardless, however, just explain that you got lost and I am sure that they'll be happy to reschedule. Best of luck OP..

I was the interviewer for a campus position once, but there was another service that went through CVs, selected who to interview and arranged the interview times/dates/place of interview. However, said service gave the students interviewing for the position a different time/location than they gave my colleague and I so both parties thought the other just hadn't shown up not considering the go between may have screwed up. It was for a two day job and we needed to get started the next week so unfortunately we couldn't give them a new interview even though we understood they weren't at fault, and just had to choose from those already interviewed. I imagine that happens with a lot of campus type positions that use a jobs service to fill positions. Don't know if that's what happened here, but can imagine something similar could have been to blame for the confusion. Definitely sucks for you though OP, hope things work out for you one way or another.