By Anonymous / Saturday 3 December 2011 18:19 / United States
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  jwade11  |  12

So??? Why does that bother OP? You shouldn't let little things affect you and get to you! It's no big deal... Ohhhh you have to order from the kids menu and save your parents some money.. big freakin deal! Get over it!

  mgsoloist  |  14

I still order off the kids menu and im almost 18 ust because the portion sizes are much more adequate for someone who just recently broke 100lbs. Actually the portions are better for pretty much everybody...plus, like they said, it's cheaper. And I can dig Mac and cheese or chicken tenders every once in a while...

  roonilwazlib  |  1

Maybe when a woman gets to her thirties or above, but a girl who is 20, 21 does not want to look 16. Though I'd take 16, as i'm 21 and look 13, 14. It doesn't make trying to buy alcohol fun.

  FairRabbit  |  4

Even if you're a guy it's not a bad thing. I looked super young throughout high school and hated it. But now I'm 25 and look 18 where a lot of people I went to school with are aging fast. Fat, bald, loose skin. Be happy you look young. It'll treat you very well in the future.

  Lindzer  |  0

Try being 27 and asked why you're not in school during the day. I used to hate looking so young when I was in high school, but it's really not all that bad now. :)

  jwade11  |  12

Really? Why is OP posting about this! Big freakin deal!!! Why would ordering from the kids menu be that big of a deal unless you're a pig and want an adult size meal.... Save your parents some extra cash and shush it!

  Plaasmaa  |  4

Not sure about your're area, but in my city most teens don't actually start growing until about 15. So it's actually quite commen to see grade 10 girls walking around at little more the 5'1.

  zukinihudini  |  0

What has our world come to!? You are complaining about ordering food off the kids menu!! You are fortunate enough to be eating out so stop complaining. You have parents that are loving enough to take you out for supper. Can you not help them out a bit?!?!

  EpicSquishii  |  21

I was allowed to partake in Denny's with my mom and dad!!! They must love me so much! Especially considering that it'd actually save money if they cooked a full meal instead of always making me order half of one.....
Kids meals couldn't fill me up :(
I call child abuse! How would YOU like eating 5 dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and a basket of fries across from two rapturously steak-eating parents?

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