By lumi - United States
Today, I received in the mail a hockey puck autographed by recent hall of fame addition Steve Yzerman. When asked, I had to explain to my 4 year old brother that someone famous had written his name on it. Later, I discovered that my brother decided it needed his name on it too. FML
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  kingbeau  |  0

In sharpie (or other pen/permanent marker)? Get some rubbing alcohol (or 99% denatured ethanol, less common but I know that works from lab... should work with rubbing alcohol too though) and very carefully (with a q-tip for preference) run it along the marks your brother made... And the ink will dissolve and absorb into the q-tip, should pretty much do it! Hopefully your bother didn't cross any of the lines of the actual signature, or at least used the same color marker because if they overlap and aren't the same it would require a bit more skill to fix....

By  CruelSirDrum  |  0

doesnt matter. you cant put a price on sentiment.its still just a hockey puck with a famous guys name. that guy pees,eats and sleeps like your brothers name is on it; family first.

  Lonely_Lez  |  0

Ok, what's with the "go take a lap"? This is the 3rd time I've encountered this comment in the past 5 minutes, and I'm curious as to why it is appropriate for all these situations. Is it your catch phrase? If so, what does it mean? It perplexes me.