By akimbojuju - 22/06/2015 15:12 - United States

Today, my pinky finger found out how much a king size bed weighs. FML
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Well don't keep us in the dark! How much does it weight?

that sucks really hard


CliffyB03 28

As much as you weigh because you're a king ;D

What the fuck....

That's the dumbest fat joke I've heard all day.

Ava_Darkflame 26


Not enough potato in this comment.

#25 is your profile picture shrek with poop on his face

#33, That's not poop..

CliffyB03 28

Apparently no one likes my smoothness.

@#1&43 Obviously

Because it wasn't smooth at all.

that sucks really hard

expertsmilee 26

You couldn't lift it with your pinky?...wuss

mds9986 24

Probably doesn't even lift.

Do YOU even lift bro?

xluciferx666 21

#11 yeah the cake to my mouth

I lift the tab on the Oreo bag called 'lift'.

The cake is a lie.

How exactly did this happen?

I want to know too ??

so did it tell you the weight?

How did your pinky finger find out

sounds like you were stuck in quite the little situation

Well don't keep us in the dark! How much does it weight?

Enough to break the ice. Hi I'm..

It weighs exactly 1 kingsizebed weight.

It depends, is it a regular King, California King, Alaskan King? They're all so different!

He doesn't know. His pinky knows, though.

So how much does it weigh?

"According to my pinky, this queen sized bed weighs exactly MOTHER FUCKING OUCH!"