New isn't always good

By anonymous - 11/01/2015 19:10 - United States - Iowa City

Today, my girlfriend and I were trying something new. I ended up with a shard of glass in my back and a concussion. Don't have sex on a glass table. FML
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Thanks for the tip. On another note what on Earth made you think having sex on a glass table was a good idea. FYL

Chiroptera_Man 10


Chiroptera_Man 10

His hopes for spicing things up must've been shattered.

incoherentrmblr 21

Well, at least the glass didn't ending up in your dick/balls...

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I believe I am free to express my opinion yea? U cant go around telling people to stop commenting -.-

Octwo 16

He can and he did. Just as anyone can ignore what he said as well. Also You*

all he did was say speechless... y'all need to get your life's lol

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Nobody deserves a shard of glass in their back and a concussion over creative consentual sexytimes you big jerk.

It still wasn't a very good idea though.

Greenteamextreme 16

Deffinately not lol. But everyone does something silly during sex at some point or another.

I once queefed in the middle of loosing my virginity to my husband. Thats really embarrassing

#43 queefing is a natural bodily noise that inevitably will happen at some point or another, nothing to be embarrassed over... doesn't compare at all to what happens with OP and his partner.

Ashd09 30

@36 I think 3 might mean OP deserves it for not having the common sense it takes to realise that 1)a table probably won't hold the weight of 2 people. and 2)even if the table legs held up, there's a good chance that the glass won't hold up

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Ive always been told to play through the pain

Thanks for the tip. On another note what on Earth made you think having sex on a glass table was a good idea. FYL

I bet they broke their phone as well trying to film from below.

littleteapot 21

I'm glad you put FYL. Its clearly OP and his girlfriend's fault, but I couldn't bring myself to click YDI. Their actions were incredibly stupid, but not enough to deserve a shard of glass in his back. That crap hurts.

Some of those tempered glass tables are quite strong... Op's was not one of those.

On another note. Even if the glass had been strong enough to hold them both, that just doesn't sound like it would be very cum-for-table. So bad idea regardless.

I don't see a way in which that could be a good way to have sex