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  jenninator93  |  18

#43 queefing is a natural bodily noise that inevitably will happen at some point or another, nothing to be embarrassed over... doesn't compare at all to what happens with OP and his partner.

  Ashd09  |  30

@36 I think 3 might mean OP deserves it for not having the common sense it takes to realise that 1)a table probably won't hold the weight of 2 people. and 2)even if the table legs held up, there's a good chance that the glass won't hold up

  littleteapot  |  21

I'm glad you put FYL. Its clearly OP and his girlfriend's fault, but I couldn't bring myself to click YDI. Their actions were incredibly stupid, but not enough to deserve a shard of glass in his back. That crap hurts.