By rashpimplezitz - 08/09/2013 04:22 - United States - Simi Valley

Today, I was prank called yet again by someone asking for a game that was released over 10 years ago. The store I work at only sells modern titles, and I angrily slammed the phone down. My boss saw and fired me on the spot. FML
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Hi everyone, OP here. The game they were asking for, was, yes, Battletoads. Just another prank call. Many of you assume that the guy on the other end could have called me legitimately asking for the game, but really, it was the same person each and every time. They were just trying to be a jerk. Hell, you could hear their friends laughing in the background of the call. Yes, I understand that it isn't right to behave like this in the workplace, but I was a bit stressed out (girlfriend breaking up with me, etc.) and I didn't really feel great that day. After some explaining to the boss about the whole Battletoads prank call phenomenon, I was rehired and just took a 3 day suspension. I promise you all that I will not behave in such a way ever again, and thank you all for your wonderful comments.

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ColCyclone 17

Well, you do need to have self-control in the workplace, but that shouldn't be a firing offense


Well, you do need to have self-control in the workplace, but that shouldn't be a firing offense

Slamming the phone down in anger is still highly unprofessional, there are better ways to handle these things. One of my absolute favorites is being insanely friendly; most people can't handle it and get irritated by it, yet you're still perfectly safe because you behaved exactly as you should have.

Haha, yes, I couldn't agree more, I myself am a culprit of using the extremely friendly method. He definitely should have controlled himself. He ended up un-intentionally "rage quitting"

I couldn't help but think if the one spongebob episode where Patrick works the register "NO THIS IS PATRICK!"

9 - Very true. Even if it was a prank call, I hardly think angrily hanging up on them is unecessary and unprofessional. It might have been a genuine question; you should have given them the benefit of the doubt. Also, that sounds like a terrible idea for a prank call.

It doesn't actually say that he hung up on them, just that he angrily slammed down the phone. It's possible that he finished the call and then slammed the phone.

I'd still call that a dick move. And your user name doesn't make me like you any better. Eew!

It doesn't, eh? It's a reference to the game they prank called me for. Ever heard o' Battletoads?

Oh, really? No, I haven't heard of that, but if that's the case and it's not an indication of your hygiene habits, then carry on... Hey here's an FML for you: having to try ten different letter combinations because you can't remember how to spell "hygiene." Wow, I guess I shouldn't quit my day job of ex-stripper.

In the same way that your username doesn't make me like you any better. Don't judge by their user names. That's just silly.

#144- I chose my user name because it seemed like a good conversation starter, and because at times it stirs controversy, which makes me laugh. Everyone thinks I'm actually serious... It's a damn joke, just like my joke about OP's user name. So lighten up, dear.

Self-control is almost ALWAYS important, no matter what.

Haha I was about to day the same thing, even though it is considered immature I call in asking for battle toads all the time. Maybe I cause this haha doubt it tho

ColCyclone 17

Oh NO! Please don't bring back the memories of this game!!!

friedpwnadge 25

Guess you got slammed on that deal. Phony pranks are the worst, especially when you have a job to do.

It's about frog-like creatures having battles and such.

16 - What does your comment have to do with Battletoads?

ElementaryEdGuy 18

What about "The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants?"

I remember spending many hours playing a rented copy of Battletoads with my brother. We couldn't figure out why we sucked so hard at it. Until many years later, when I learned the TRUTH.

Gingerette 8

99, what was the "truth"? Was it revelation? Solace? Or was it just another lie and the poison coated with sugar that you swallowed? There is no truth with battle toads...

ravenevercross 19

99, is the truth that you weren't very good at games? Battletoads was pretty easy. Then again, maybe my friends and I are just on a higher level... Also, YDI OP. You did not display proper work ethics.

I used to get prank calls all the time at my old job, but you could have handled that a lot better.

Little4Bear 10

I agree. OP could've simply informed the manager about what was going on instead of trying to deal with something totally time-wasteful.

Caliborn_06 11

Customer is always right, oh btw, do you have Mario kart? Trying to shell it up!!

Mario Kart doesn't count. Stores still sell the Wii/Ds games.

correction: do you still have Mario Kart 64?

Or my personal favorite, Super Mario Kart?

Personally... Diddy Kong racing was the best!

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Zack6849 8

No, what got you downvoted was your comment saying you were going to be downvoted along with a lengthy unnecessary explanation of your comment.

15 - Indeed. I thought your first comment was pretty funny, but you completely ruined it.

150493x 29

Maybe they were mistaken and are genuinely looking for an old game they wish to buy.

I work retail. Someone calling and asking about a 10 year old product simply sounds like a genuine question from somebody who is either ignorant about video games, OP's store, or most likely both.

Or maybe they were looking for a hard to find older game, it happens, I've done it

Most stores up here (besides big box stores like Best Buy) buy and sell old games, so it's not an unreasonable request. Unless it was Battletoads. Then it was a prank.

At least you don't have perverts calling every night. If you can't handle a couple of pranks, make sure you never get a job in a call center.

thatonegirlnic 10

There is of course NO way that they could genuinely want the game and are searching for it. Terribly Sorry for the inconvenience it caused you

But, but it's not a new game, if it's not new it must be crap.

Pwn17 25

Right, because all video games sucked until a few years ago, right? A lot of people just like classics. When I used to play video games all the time, I loved the classics.

Pwn17 25

...Yeah, I got that about 15 seconds after the edit option went away. I suck ass at recognizing sarcasm on the Internet. My apologies.

Which is funny, because your response was sarcastic.