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Today, my fiancée broke up with me because I "don't know what I'm doing with my future". I've done four years in the Marines and am in the process of becoming an officer. She has a film degree which she has no interest in, works at the mall, and just moved back in with her dad. FML
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That kind of sucks until you realize that you just lost a deadbeat. Now go find yourself a real woman.

Good riddance?


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you know that blows but she sounds like a turd anyway. you're better off without.

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you guys are gay. >:[

sounds like you've dodged a bullet there.. YDI ;)

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The key is that she has a film degree that SHE HAS NO INTEREST IN. That's why everyone's knocking on her. What good will her job be if she doesn't like it? The OP at least is doing something he wants to be doing. Marines pay well enough, and once you're living comfortably, a job you love can be worth more than a job you hate that pays $100,000 more.

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One, please never use "real talk" again. Two, OP stated he is becoming an officer. Unless he is non-commissioned (and he doesn't seem old enough to be) he HAS A DEGREE. He has to to become an officer. OP's now ex bitch has a degree she has NO interest in, works at the MALL making minimum wage (or slightly higher) and just moved back in with her dad. Just because she has an education, it does not make her smart or worth knowing. Her current job won't take her far, and you cannot gurantee she would go anywhere in the film industry. However, OP can become an officer and with time and skill move up the ranks and become (someone help me, what is the Marine equivalent of a Four or Five Star or a Full Bird Colonel???) somebody in charge. He may not, but he could. OP, don't worry. She is projecting and looking for an excuse. I'm sorry. And thank you so much. Semper Fi baby ;-)

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Wrong. In order to become an officer a Marine should be earning or have earned a bachelor's degree. He isn't a great public speaker, but he knows what he is pushing. Candidate must finish degree before being offered a commission. *sigh* Doesn't that put a bend in your "he must not be as intelligent" theory, since she *could* be dumb as dirt and still have passed all the classes that she needed to earn her degree she has no interest in. In your eyes one degree is as equal as the next. Not everyone goes into the military as a last resort. I see you live in LA. LA is not representative of the Heartland of America or the South, or anywhere else. Maybe you just know people who went in as a last resort. I know people who worked hard so they could rise in the ranks as fast as possible. How is OP's success limited? He'll have a bachelor's, same as the ex, and will be a LT..and can move up the ranks to higher success. She may make manager but seems unmotivated since she is working in the mall and has no interest in her degree. Motivation of Marine--10 Apparent Motivation of Ex--3 He wins in my book. Oh, OP, those saying you dodged a bullet are right. I grew up in a military town and I warn people I meet to watch the claws of the hos--I've seen them land on guys like Harpies and suck them dry.

I bet there is a lot more behind this story. Being in the service is pretty hard on the family. I say whatever happened happened for the best. I personally think that the op probably have promised her that he'll get out but then he got the offer to become an officer and decided to stay. So she got upset, which I don't blame her. Regardless nothing wrong with either of their decision...

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"Why is everyone calling her stupid? For one she has a degree in film which can easily land her a job making at least equal(if not more) to his paycheck as a marine and she will go further in her job than he ever will on his. Also most likely she's more educated than he is, because stats show people going to the marines today usually don't have more than just a high school diploma. Also for most people it was their last resort cause the person couldn't get into or afford to go any place else. She could find someone who's more intelligent, is around more and possibly earns a better income. So who dodged the bullet here?" i just wanted to say that was probably the dumbest thing i heard, and here is why, people in the military make a pretty good amount of money depending on what their M.O.S is and if he is deployed, and since he is an officer he is easily making more money then his ex who moved back in with her father does,and he is an officer which means hes probably looking to make a career out of it so the argument about him not making it as far as his ex is just stupid because she is most likely going to quit her job since she doesnt like it. now about him being less educated and joining because he had no where else to go. to become an officer you need at least a bachelors degree so about being "less educated" is just stupid,and now about him having no where else to go and him joining because he couldn't afford it. if your joining the marines because you cant afford living on your on is just stupid in my opinion because most people who join for that reason join the air force because it relates more to a civilian job. and finally you dont become an officer in the marines because you have no where else to go, you become an officer because you want to.

Not neccessarily. I was a marine, I have a job now that makes more money than all my buddies out of college. And I do sit behind a desk.

bulldawgs54 0 pretty sure if he's a marine and going to get his degree and go to OCS he will make more than someone with a Film Degree, Marine Corps is on the same pay scale as the Army as far as i know, and army 2nd Lieutenants make 2500 a month base, plus free health care, free dental, free housing, or basic allowances to help the mortgage etc. Give him 10-15 years in he'll make 100k.

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what's with the novel long comments?

if she only works at the mall she must not be that intelligent and marine officers make alot of money

i did time as a marine

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get someone better

Hellooo..she works at the mall. Obviously she is not making use of that film degree and has no intention of doing so either if she has no interest in it. It doesn't matter how much money this guy is making, the point is she said "he doesn't know where he's going with his future". Which is ironic because from what he said he has his future pretty well planned out and she is really the one who doesn't know what the hell she's doing.


I'm in the Marines (always capitalize it) and I went in to serve my country. I had colleges sending me scholarships all over and I made a 27 on my ACT. Ive been told I would be an outstanding lawyer, but no I wanted to defend people like you who call us dumb or poor. My family is middle-class and I could've had a free ride in college so don't stereotype US Marines. We are smarter and better then you think.

First off, I had a college scholarship for athletics, but I was ranked in the top 10% of my class (around 1000 students). Chose the marines instead of college because I wanted to serve before I started my life, and frankly I'm tired of school. Too many people like the bitch that's calling this future Marine Officer an idiot. So far, I regret nothing. Second, you have to have a degree to become an officer, and passing OCS is no mean feat. You have to be a stellar Marine to make it there, and it's very physically, mentally, and academically challenging. So eat a dick.

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Burn bitch burn!

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But he's working in becoming an officer which is an extremely high rank on the military with good pay and he said she has no interest in film and she works at the mall and lives with her dad. He deserves someone much better than that

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He can go to collage. There is nothing knew marine contract that says they can't and I take it very offensive when you say most marines are unintelligent my best friend went into the marines and the smartest man I know. Manuel you should do some research before bashing the ones that keep us free and give us this right to express out opinion

wow, that's pathetic. FYL.

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Jeez what is wrong with some people. You risk your life for your country and then get sh*t about. That is messed up. Sorry that happened bro

Probably felt shitty about her own future and did you a favor.

Good riddance?

That kind of sucks until you realize that you just lost a deadbeat. Now go find yourself a real woman.

I live in Idaho! And we all post comments that are completely irrelevant!

sure thing :p

I totally came on here just to say that I live in Idaho too.

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I live in Arizona and my comments usually contain some relevance to the OP. OP, good riddance, find yourself a gal that can deal with someone that actually knows what and where they're going in life. Hoorah man, thank you for your service.

your better off without her then.

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I agree with #4, your going to be a Marine Officer, you'll have no problem finding someone 10 times better than she is.

Well, you were not going to have a happy ending anyway

So she just made up some shitty excuse as to why she's dumping you... And now you're not dating a dipshit. win.