By Anonymous - 18/06/2015 12:36 - United States - Tallahassee

Today, my ex-boyfriend dumped sand into the crankcase of my truck and then filled it to the top with water after I dumped him for being immature and not respecting my things. FML
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I think he just proved your point.

Okay, first we had someone who ate their neighbor's garden strawberries and now this. Floridians just have strange ways of seeking revenge.


I think he just proved your point.

Yeah, he found exactly what would grind OP's gears.

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ChristianH39 30

While you're right, it is the engine, it's also just a joke...

Wow. No wonder you dumped the prick.

Forget about him op, I'm glad you realized that he was an immature idiot and dumped him.

Hard to forget someone when they cause you probably permanent damage to a vehicle which will probably cost her a few thousand dollars

PeaceTea13 17

Good riddance, clearly

Hope you called the cops!

Ya, if I were you, I would definitely be talking to the cops. I hope there's some way you can prove its him. Maybe there's fingerprints on the truck or something? I hate the idea of people you know having a record cause you called them in, but in this case it's completely justified. You can't ruin or break someone's vehicle and not have the police involved. He needs to pay for whatever repairs need to be done! His immaturity and carelessness for other people's things probably just got him a criminal record.

He sounded like a real keeper. :)

If you mean keeper as in keep him locked away forever then yes...

It's sad people don't get jokes on this.

Have him pick up the bill.

Okay, first we had someone who ate their neighbor's garden strawberries and now this. Floridians just have strange ways of seeking revenge.

You think this is strange? Clearly you've never heard the tale Mr. Eckleburge's sweet, sweet revenge.

It's the bath salts...

Hey not all floridians are strange...we are just dumbasses.

#60 I am also from Florida and I have lived here all of my life. Floridians are very strange. No question about it. My theory is we are strange because the heat melts our brains.

christinamarie17 29

#60.... No, they're pretty strange. Probably to the point of needing an intervention. Look up "man arrested for selling golden tickets to heaven".

#79 it was a joke. I'm from Florida. We have some of the strangest people here.

#79. It was a I live in Florida. We have some pretty strange people here.

Yourself included i presume?

I remember that post, it's pretty pathetic if you ask me. Those revenge shit need an upgrade. Anyway, the fact that they do things based on you point your trying to explain, it amazes me how stupid some people can be.

So, you dump him, then he dumps on you. He got his puns right at least. Sorry you had to deal with that though.

He proved both his immaturity and his disrespect for your things.

I think op's wording tried to imply just that. He must have done his revenge purposedly in an immature and disrespectful way; strange how can someone be like that, especially with people that they "care" about..