By Anonymous - 01/12/2010 08:35 - United States

Today, I tried to fix my laptop charger by fiddling around with it using metal tweezers. Not only did I forget to unplug the cord and shocked myself, I also ended up breaking the charger completely. FML
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dumbass ydi hope it jolted something in ur brain that awakens the common sense area...

perdix 29

Hopefully, your Darwin Award will come along with a cash prize so you can buy a new charger. It won't be enough to buy you some common sense, though, but that might take you out of the running for bigger Darwin Awards. Sadly, the big money is only given out posthumously.


memo619 0

look on the brightside you have a story to tell your kids now

Well. Do it again until you fix it. Or get turned on. Yes we can.

dont think someone like that should be having kids

quite_bored 9

YDI, safety first. And that's what she said to my own comment.

kawigurl 0

dumbass ydi hope it jolted something in ur brain that awakens the common sense area...

RedPillSucks 31

Follow it up with a "Do It Yourself Frontal Lobotomy"

hobojo11 0

duck tape duck tape fix all even my grammer

rainergeis 0

Great idea. I'll use duct tape to cover my screen so I can never see that kind of grammar again!

MizzErikaHart 8

how do u not check that sort of thing?

SympathyearAbs 0

Why would you mess with any computer part with metal? Common sense dictates that even if you don't shock yourself, you could still cause static in the area your working on. Static has enough of an electrical charge to fry just about any computer piece....

it's a charger...... it has 120 running through it (though the side she was on was probably only 24 VDC or something)

Static electricity from your body can be several thousand volts. The current is really low but the voltage is very high.

Tiecho 4

when u tell ppl this, op, do you expect sympathy?

lol girls + technology = fail. in many cases, not all.

just because it's a stereotype doesn't make it false. I know way more girls that are hopeless with technology than guys, so my comment is off of past experiences.

CaptSkippy 9

you've* iPod autocorrect sucks

That was destined to fail from the beginning. As retribution for your idiocy, I suggest you accept the shocker from a man with a metal hand. That seems appropriate.

your a bloody idiot! let me guess, you have done this before and that's why you just did it again, because you fried what was left of your brains last time!