By Pwnedofthedead - 03/10/2009 15:34 - Canada

Today, I was walking to my friends Halloween themed birthday party in my zombie costume. Apparently, my crazy coke addicted neighbor found the costume too realistic. He tackled me. FML
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You can never be too careful.

Lol, awesome.


Lol, awesome.

Gia0896 0

ydi for dressing like a zombie. Next time be more creative.

Dogman332 0

Wait its 28 days till halloween, and your dressed as a zombie. So is this a 28 days later themed party?

Drug addict tackle ftw.

pseudonymxsam 0

Halloween THEMED Birthday Party. Jeez, Lrn2Read. Just because Halloween is 28 days away, doesn't mean people can't base it as a theme for a party.

sux_2_b_you 0

Get up and stop bitching? YDI for not being sensitive to zombies. How would you like it if i dressed up as you for Halloween.

randomdude1234 0

Ummmmm... A Halloween themed party would just be a costume party, so please call it that.

#19 - Yes, because people who have unoriginal costumes deserved to be attacked by coke addicts. That makes sense. /sarcasm #73 - The theme could be standard halloween stuff (mummies, frankenstien's monster, non-sparkly vampires, etc). In a costume party, you can just go as whatever.

KristinSpencer 0

#93 - Non-sparkly vampires XD Made me lawl. I think I love you.

Mr_Serious 6

you're a tool #69

did you not read the whole thing?? it said halloween themed birthday party. zombie's are good costume's as long as you dont let them look fake! :D

rofl. Your non-sparkly vampires made my day (especially after all the girls at my school are squealing about new moon

No, actually there is a such thing as a costume party that has nothing to do with Halloween. Get over it.

Not necessarily. A Halloween themed party would be decorated accordingly. A costume party is just that... a party where you dress up with no particular theme attached.

jennacide 0

I don't think they were asking a serious question, just trying to be funny hun. :)

seems no one got the movie reference here :/

FYL, OP, you have a stupid neighbour. Pepsi owns Coke. Period. I'd say that I'm terribly sorry for anyone that is stupid enough to think that this is not a joke. ^My way of saying I'm joking, not stupid. But Pepsi > Coke.

You can never be too careful.



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I see you have read "The Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks! A smart move my fellow, well-prepared comrad!

my friend showed me that book. it was freakin' sweet.

double tap

PrincessesCrown 17

107 I love you that is the best movie ever!


Apparently, the word apparently has proceeded to be the new proceeded.

I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Haha I love you for that comment, so funny :)


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ZOMBIEZZZZ! OH NOES! Get your crowbars everyone! Haha Im just kidding. Im sorry, but that'd be pretty funny to see. But FYL though.

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Haha. I love that !

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that means your costume was just that awesome :]

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You've got red on you.

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lol sean of the dead

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Lololololol I love this!

send him to the hospital. when he tells the doctors that a zombie attacked him, they'll lock him up.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Clever ;)

yeah, he should be locked up, the zombie didnt halm him, it was just minding its own buisness. Some people