By Anonymous - 08/12/2011 04:27 - Canada

Today, my dog took a dump beside the air intake for our furnace. The house now smells like dog crap. FML
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ten_go86 5

take a dump near your dog's house so he'll know what shit smells like


Op: "Sniff" WTH??? Dog: Rub my face in it now bitch. (yes I understand that by doing this the dog would have his face rubbed in the new shit.)

enonymous 8

Fuck I want some fudge brownies now.

29- OP will set out a pan with some sprinkles ready for next time.

did the dog take an arrow to the kbee

The last sentence of this FML is unnecessary.

Lol thats shitty

only thing that could make this worse if this song came up: "Love is in the Air"

Talk about a shitty situation...

mintcar 9

Um, no.

D37H100 5


FYLDeep 25

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, There's no limit! What? I thought we were starting something here. I guess no one probably remembers that song anyway.

21 - that makes two of us

Gon get buried, awesome

No, nein, negative, huh-uh.

yumlicious 4

That's shitty. ...Couldn't resist...

But you should have

My mind was telling me to be nice and not thumb you down. Couldn't resist.

yumlicious 4

My down thumbs outnumber your thumbs ups! I WIN.

ahh. thats horrible :(

HahaBoy 0

Spray some FeBreeze on that shit!

Why didn't you clean your dog when he takes a shit or let him take a shit on a lawn like everybody else does lol

Not everybody has a lawn for starters, secondly cleaning the dog is only part of the problem, thirdly, the intake for the furnace has dog shit in it!!!!! It takes alot to get the smell of burning shit out of a house

Ahhh cat used to pee in the toaster. You don't usually catch that one until attempting to make toast. A house that reeks of burnt pee and bread is really off putting...

Yowza now that would be nasty.

What the fuck????

....You didn't make toast from that toaster did you?

YDI for having a feral cat in the first place

ten_go86 5

take a dump near your dog's house so he'll know what shit smells like

jpoole 4

Just take a crap in it's dog house to get even.

cj7geojeep 0

The comment directly above you says the EXACT same thing.

jpoole 4

Ha, I just read it right now.

16: Did you notice the time on the right corner, they both wrote it at the same time.

nice catch bro. I never bother looking at the time stamps

ten_go86 5

c'mon you guys be nice

tweetypie 18

Great minds think alike?

Better than cat pee

MerrikBarbarian 9

Having smelled a lot of both working at shelters- ill take cat pee over dog shit. Pee just smells like ammonia. Shit is just nasty.