By piercednipple - 30/06/2015 16:02 - United States - Woodbridge

Today, my docile gerbil was startled by a car alarm. He dove into my tank top and bit straight through my nipple. FML
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Funny, I said the exact same thing after I read this. It's just really all you CAN say.

Reading this FML just makes me cringe...ouch.

JohnTheDonJuan 11

It's always the quiet ones...

Cheaper than going to a pro piercer right?

they have sharp teeth my cousin owned one and it bit my finger :(

jimmer23 21

My nipples hurt from all the way over here.

omg that is just not okay. nope not at all

Some people pay good dollars for similar procedures

Ted_brosby 4

Hope OP is not a girl. And before you say why does it matter. Because no one really cares about a dudes nipples.

Zaketh2112 10

**** that. I care about my man-nips

Unfortunately she is a girl, it's on the top left. I'm sure it was pure agony, no one deserves that!