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Today, my daughter decided to drench our carpets with water, to "make them grow like plants". She's 9. FML
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I've seen much worse decisions out of nine year least she wasn't watering plants like a dog...

Make her add shampoo now it's a free service


If she's 9, you should make sure she grows as well

Hobometh, I'm completely lost by your comment. What the hell does it mean??

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#27- drenching her in water.

i think they are trying to say that op is partially responsible for their childs actions and thought process and maybe they need to educate their kid a bit...seeing as she is 9 and should kind of realize that carpet will not grow like grass

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Not really, parents are people, they're not perfect and they can't control or prevent everything a kid does, it doesn't make them bad parents, just human. Also kids are sneaky and it takes a matter of seconds for them to make a mess. One time out camping, my dad left my little sister for all of a minute by herself, and she managed to colour on literally every surface in our trailer, even went in the drawers and closets and coloured in them, with the 1 non-washable marker in her colouring case. Point is, kids are fast and shit happens.

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I bet 100% you don't have kids.

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As a parent your job is to provide guidance, understanding, safety and all that is necessary for the well being of your child . You should not make decisions for them that they are capable of making for themselves within reason of course. Just because a child does something stupid doesn't mean that the parents are at fault. Common sense is something that one has or not, it's something that cannot be taught. It is a bit of a stretch to think that when the mother woke up this morning she should have sought out her daughter and reminded her not to water the carpet. Parents are not physic. It would be interesting to know however if the daughter has done silly, unusual things in the past.

I've seen much worse decisions out of nine year least she wasn't watering plants like a dog...

She should have used Brawndo, because it's what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

Be honest - is your carpet made of seeds?

I can't blame her. That's what you get for using carpetgrass.

3 or 9 or even 20 years old, if they are not thought the right way of things in life, how could she know what she was doing unless she's been told. Maybe now and then have a little talk with her about life and stuff so she could learn. Good Luck OP

I think by 20 you can use deductive reasoning to figure out that carpet is not a living thing and will not respond to water. At that point you can safely stop telling people that.

Not to mention if she's 9, she probably goes to um... What's that again ? Oh right, school.

Make her add shampoo now it's a free service

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