By murtato - 20/11/2016 00:40 - United Kingdom - London

Today, I discovered that the fire alarm in my building will go insane when I'm trying to cook chicken, but won't make a sound when my towels start actually burning on the radiator. FML
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Oh, it was posted! Op here, my now ex put the towels on the radiator after showering. I can't describe how much I yelled at him after having to put it out. Safe to say I'm never letting him back in again!

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That's why you never buy a smoke detector from a vegan.

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"My now ex", they were still dating when it happened...


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specifically only chicken??? also, why would you put anything flammable on a radiator????

I'm guessing all the fat and moisture from the food creates a denser/thicker smoke whereas your towels do not. If that's the case I'm not sure you can do anything about it except try to find alternative fire detectors that are higher tech and can tell the difference. Plus maybe ventilation could've factored in, I don't know.

That chicken soul is mad and doing that on purpose since you are about to eat him/her lol

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You eat the hens, not the roosters, so chickens always female

Wrong. The hens are mostly being used for egg production; roosters are often the meat birds.

That's why you never buy a smoke detector from a vegan.

Pro-tip: Don't put towels on the radiator. Flammable material + heat = fire :) As for why the fire alarm didn't go off, I don't know, but that is definitely a problem...

We have radiators in the bathroom that are designed as towel rails, and we've hung towels on it since we've had it. There's never been an issue. Maybe OP has a weird radiator or really cheap towels.

you should check if the fire alarm has any settings. ... usually they can be set to different alert modes. ... different type of smoke or gas ...

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News flash: Smoke alarms are not, repeat, are not timers.

My smoke detector goes off from the steam from a shower or when I preheat the oven. I've taken to moving it off the mount and putting it on the other side of the hallway.