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  applesdontpee  |  6

Or: 1) Call a friend (preferably a hot girl) and tell her the situation. 2) Then you two make loud. wild sex noises and bang the bed against the wall 3) Make sure your GF hears it. 4) In the middle of it, scream that you're dumping her (your gf). Or bust open your neighbor's door and then scream you're dumping her PS--awesome picture :D


Orrrrr.... barge into the room with some gasoline, and get them all soaked in gasoline. Then turn around, put on your sunglasses, do a little smirk and throw a match or lighter (OR EVEN YET A LIT CIGAR) over your shoulder, setting them all aflame. PS: Don't look at the fire, cool guys don't look at explosions.

  nubbahz  |  6

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  banshee2918  |  6

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Today, my parents found out that my younger brother has been smoking pot. As his punishment, he can't be home alone anymore. And apparently, I'm now his full-time babysitter since I "don't have a life anyway." FML

By junko / Wednesday 18 November 2015 01:44 / United States - Tyngsboro

Today, I was babysitting a little girl. We were colouring, and she told me she wanted to draw a picture of me. After she was done, she showed me the picture. I'm drawn as a fat cow. The worst part is, the picture actually looks kinda like me. FML

By magoo16 / Monday 21 February 2011 17:48 / Canada
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