By Anonymous - 28/03/2009 20:18 - United States

Today, I was getting sick of listening to the guy in the next room over getting nasty with some girl, so I called my girlfriend to see if she wanted to go get some food. Then I heard her phone ring. Through the wall. FML
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Ouch! Dump her and get on with your life!

I hope you knocked on your neighbor's door and dumped the bitch right then and there.


DAMN that sucks. It's still funny tho. AND FIRST BBY.


WHORE!!!! dump that bitch!

you has no chin....did you eat it?

dump that bitch

The same thin happened to me, except with raccoons :(-

What 157??

okay, girls that are unfaithful to a faithful boyfriend are dumb.

what if it was a coincidence lmao that would be hilarious! ... if not dump her ass

Lot's of cheatng whores out there. Dump her.

Ouch! Dump her and get on with your life!

Or: 1) Call a friend (preferably a hot girl) and tell her the situation. 2) Then you two make loud. wild sex noises and bang the bed against the wall 3) Make sure your GF hears it. 4) In the middle of it, scream that you're dumping her (your gf). Or bust open your neighbor's door and then scream you're dumping her PS--awesome picture :D

Orrrrr.... barge into the room with some gasoline, and get them all soaked in gasoline. Then turn around, put on your sunglasses, do a little smirk and throw a match or lighter (OR EVEN YET A LIT CIGAR) over your shoulder, setting them all aflame. PS: Don't look at the fire, cool guys don't look at explosions.

Cool guys may not look at explosions (or fires) but vengeful souls love to watch

the pic is sweet

Lol just masterbate to the noisies. Admit it probally turns u on ;)

Sooo... Does that mean you enjoyed listening to it for a period of time?

Wait, it could've been a coincidence- you never know, someone else's phone could've rung at the same time you called her, idk but we can't just assume things

The same ringtone and same exact time same building but next door 382 what are the chances

That is by far the best comment I've ever read, Props to you

Mess him up man, fyi dorm doors are easy to force open, thats how my fratbrothers stole a pledges bed.

Ouch. I really hope you dumped her.

your picture is so cool

i say YDI if u didnt do anything. this FML is repeated many times, im tired of hearing millions of versions of this. its simple YDI, if u just didnt do anything rough.

I hope you knocked on your neighbor's door and dumped the bitch right then and there.

such bullshit. u made this up

you should of waited for her to pick up, then said..fuck you

not a smart idea to say "fuck you".