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Today, my dad and I were having a conversation about boneless chicken. He told me that they are raised boneless, going into detail, and I bought every word of it. Not until he started laughing did I realize how gullible I really am. I'm 22. FML
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I don't know about the chickens, but you may have been raised brainless.

Because it makes sense for an animal to not have bones.


I don't know about the chickens, but you may have been raised brainless.

No shame.. It is the new generation in the United States

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Every generation has idiots... It's also not just in the US. Quit with the "new generation" shit. Please and thank you.

It seems that every generation the population gets a little softer, a little more dependant on government and have a little less character/integrity all around. And if you don't believe me, just ask your grandparents.

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"I know how ya feel, I once lost a game of checkers to a chicken". Just reminded me of that great Simpsons quote lol

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being too trusting IS a bad quality, dont know what youre talking about. for example, the fml we just read. although that plays into having common sense, too. "hey come over to my secluded van, i have candy"

Oh boy!!! You have candy!?!? ...she is always such a nice girl.

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#2: How is being too trusting a good thing? Many murder victims had family members say that the victims trusted everyone.

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I'm with #9 it's most certainly a bad trait. Always keep a polite level of scepticism until your own research into the subject confirms either way. Sure your family shouldn't abuse trust. But let's face it in the big bad world how many people are you NOT related to? So potentially you have how many people willing to screw you over? It's part of your families 'job' to help you realise this. The fact is people can spend weeks, months, even YEARS gaining your trust just to screw you over... You should always trust yourself above others, sometimes even above those you love. Sad but true. Op got tested and failed big time. simple as that.

Not to mention that you can be easily scammed money wise If you're too trusting.

This isn't really a matter of trust. More like common sense.

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#9 but everyone knows strangers have the best candy.

It's not bad to trust your own family (in most cases). I think this FML is more about lack of common sense.

Ok but the difference is you're talking about strangers and they're talking about family. Being trusting is NOT a bad quality because being distrustful all the time just pushes peole away.

Being trusting isn't necessarily a bad quality. But being an idiot is.

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Clucking hell, its either you're that gullible or your dad has finger licking good story telling skills.

Because it makes sense for an animal to not have bones.

Jellyfish... Octopus... Basically all invertebrates...

Probably thinking of things like seedless watermelons.

8, thank you. 20, It isn't a stretch of the imagination to see a watermelon without seeds growing (though one may have easily googled questions about how they might come about) but can you imagine a vertebrate somehow sustaining life without bones? You never get cow bones in burgers but do you imagine there are these gelatinous bone free cow balls rolling through pastures? Just think of the injuries it would sustain on its own hooves, or in a chicken's case, claws.

25- I had never imagined that before, but thank you for putting the image of rolling "cow ball" in my head. It is quite comical.

I was thinking about that too. need to have a perfectly flat pasture and use a giant fan to blow them around the yard.

This FML reminds me of the ASDF movie; "It says gullible on the ceiling!" "Oh, so it does-oh you stole my lungs."

Is that where that came from? my old Boys and Girls Club had a ceiling tile with gullible painted in orange. it was hilarious trying to point it out to people xD

Have you seen the baby? "No, I think he went outside." (Lady runs off.) "You fool!"

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That would be one awkward looking chicken-blob.

Don't worry you aren't the only one. I'm amazed at what my dad gets my 19 year old brother to believe.

I once told my mom that the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary, not expecting her to believe it. She believed it until I started laughing.