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  zuckerburg  |  21

If you don't declare it and they find out, they can fire you on the spot because of special treatment and what not. I don't get why the OP has an issue. I've seen and known a few dozen couples who started out as "manager and employee" and sometimes even "CEO and employee"

By  rickAUS  |  22

Company policy doesn't overrule state or federal laws. So provided your relationship doesn't violate any of them, 100% legal.

Whether it is breaching company policies is another issue, and isn't a legal one. However, whether business have the ability to dictate aspects of personal lives (like relationships with other employees) is still contested. Provided it isn't impacting your ability to do your job, and you remain objective when dealing with them regarding work matters.. it shouldn't really be an issue.

But each business is different so..


You're right. The relationship will be under scrutiny to make sure the underling does not receive special treatment, but the rights of a human being supersede the company's petty policies.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

and the law stops you... how? I wonder what law you're breaking. Or is it just a company guideline/rule imposed? ever heard of HR? It's a place you can go to to declare a relationship within the office. This means you can't promote him or give him special treatment, but it does mean you can see each other. Or are you in some country where being gay is illegal and breaks the law? because you would have broken the law regardless with or without the promotion then.... so many questions surrounding this law that stops people from being in love and happy. Very perturbed by it

By  thisisbutaname  |  38

This is why waiting for something to happen is a bad idea.
I don't know the circumstances of this particular story, but there are tons of FMLs where OP says they loved someone for years, only to discover that it is now too late to be with that person.

Don't wait around people, make a move