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Today, my cousin texted me, asking how the chicken pizza had settled in my stomach. We got drunk last night and had pizza. I thought it was cheese; it was chicken. I've been vegetarian for 7 years. FML
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don't tell me i was the only one to get that pun.

CharresBarkrey 15

It's pretty hard to miss considering "fowl" and "foul" are two different words.

I agree. I hate when people complain about something they did while drunk. If you don't like it, don't drink so much. It's your choice.

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3, this kind of comment won't ever make a vegetarian feel stupid. It won't make you look bright or smart, either.

YourDrunkle 4

You can only hear the same joke so many times before it becomes terribly unfunny.

How hard is it to use the correct form of "their"?

That joke is incredibly overused and irrelevant on all levels.

gloooooria 14

"This is the BEST cheese pizza I've ever, EVER had!" -Drunken OP.

ViRepz 28

I always thought there is a debate wether vegetarians can or can not eat cheese, isn't it the vegans that can't have any animal products, but vegetarians just don't eat meat?

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#14 why is that? I think being a vegetarian is a very good thing, regardless if you eat cheese or eggs. Chicken lay eggs either way, so why not eat them? As long as it is biologic, meaning that the chicken get to run around and be happy, I don't see a problem with it, same is for milking cows.

But that milk isnt meant for us. It is meant for the babies. The eggs are babies. They are hatched to be born. I dont have anything against all of it, but I think if you are not going to be vegetarian you should be a vegan to make it for the full cause and the full reason why you are doing it.

Eggs are not babies, if they are fertilised then yes, but essentially it's a chicken's period that gets eaten O.O oh god why...

Uhm, the eggs aren't babies - they're eggs. It's chicken period, not chicken young.

GROSS!!! I love my poached eggs in the morning, but this thread has put me off ever eating an egg again!!! ):

I completely disagree, #31. This is not an all or nothing cause. That is an idealistic viewpoint that fails to take reality and the ethical motivations for vegetarianism into account. The dietary modifications required to be vegan are not feasible for everyone, but that doesn't mean that there aren't other options that accomplish the same goal (reducing the collective suffering of animals and/or boycotting the industry that promotes it) to varying degrees. Eating vegetarian is impactful in both those ways, as is choosing to eat only local and humanely raised meat, eating a pescatarian diet (fish, but no other meat or animal products), or committing to eat a fixed number of vegan/vegetarian meals per week in place of meat (even 1 per week has a statistically relevant implications on a larger scale).

You should get your facts straight when you're against something, the eggs aren't babies, they indeed are the chickens period, as gross as that sounds.

31- Cows and chickens are the same in the way they'll produce milk while pregnant or not just as a chicken lays eggs, fertilized or not. Know you not the very basics of animal husbandry??

Can't we just let people do what they want and skip the frivolous arguments?

The eggs humans consume are unfertalized. They cannot become chicks. It's like saying a woman is pregnant when she gets her period. And being a vegetarian is better both for the environment and for the animals than doing nothing, so perhaps you should appreciate that people are doing SOMETHING instead of whining that they don't do enough. Because you don't do everything you can either. For example, I hope you don't use birth control or take pain medication, because that doesn't get filtered out of the water and cause mutations and unnatural behaviour in fish. People can always do more. But doing something is always better than doing nothing at all, and that is what we must focus on. Something little becomes big when a whole lot of people join in.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#31- I have 12 chickens and get around 8-9 a day. are you saying I shouldn't eat them? They are free-range hens. I do have a rooster, but you can still eat the eggs even if fertilized. Sounds gross, but as long as the hen hasn't starting setting on the eggs to hatch them, the eggs will NOT develop. So there; now you know. ;)

#7. It also depends on the cheese. Some cheeses aren't vegetarian (for example cheddar, or parmasan) because they contain rennet from a cow's stomach.

kewpiesuicide 29

I personally wouldn't eat meat even if they sang the animals a lullaby every night. Animal cruelty isn't why I choose to be vegetarian (although I am against it). I don't eat it because it grosses me out but I can still eat honey. Being vegan is a lot harder than people realize. There are few vegan restaurants, it restricts what processed food you can buy, vegan ingredients are more expensive and you can't even wear wool. Been there, tried that.

I love that you used Husbandry. Most people don't know what that means. As a zoologist, I have to define that word multiple times a day.

TheDrifter 23

64, because wool is an animal byproduct? If you want a wool sweater, just remember that all it is is hair. Hair that would get trimmed anyhow for the animal's comfort in the summer. Just because it came from an animal doesn't mean it wasn't beneficial to the animal to remove it.

May I add that some people are vegetarian for health reasons only, and are not doing it for a 'cause'...

#28- The only way to milk a cow is if that cow recently had a calf. Most dairy cows are bred continuously and given hormones to produce more milk. Their calves are taken away from them at birth so they don't deplete the milk of any nutrients. The calves are then taken off to become veal. Milking a cow is a natural process if it's done the right way, but most times it is not. Milking a cow by hand is perfectly fine. Milking the cow dry by a machine is not.

#51- the only way a cow will produce milk is if she was pregnant, same as a human.

Sorry. My bad. I was going off as they were the same as ducks since my neighbor has ducks and they lay eggs in the yard. Which then, there are babies. I never knew that chickens hatched eggs when on their period. I figured if they hatched eggs at all it is becase they got pregnant.

GwylaFelidae 7

Have you heard of women who breast feed for YEARS after they give birth? What about women who lactate without being pregnant? So long as the mother pumps the milk from her breast, or the child is drinking it, a woman can lactate for many years, feeling no negative effects. Women with hormone imbalances start lactating without being pregnant. Who's to say that cows don't go through those same things? Besides, milking cows AND goats have been going on for centuries.

Chickens do not get pregnant, and hatching is not the same as laying.

91 - Firstly, we are talking about cows, not people. Secondly, there's a big difference between nursing a child and having your milk sucked out by a machine. Cows DO stop producing milk about a year after birth, unless you give them hormones to stimulate milk secretion (which is illegal in many places).

If you look at the conditions that chickens and cows live in when they are being used for eggs or for milk then you can kind of understand why some people might think that vegetarians that are against animal cruelty might be somewhat hypocritical. If I were an animal (as stupid as it sounds) I would rather die and be used for food than be living in those conditions. I personally think being vegetarian is a great thing to do, just trying to show the other side of the argument

83, that's why I said biologic, just like you I don't agree with the things you pointed out in your comment. I don't think milking by hand is the only cow-friendly way, but that's a debate we can have later, or we can simply agree to disagree.

Seriously, all the people saying "Hens lay eggs anyway, and cows need to be milked!" should get their asses out of the house and see the real world for a second. The reason for not eating eggs or drinking milk, is because of the CONDITION THE ANIMALS ARE LIVING IN. Hens in small cages or packed hundreds in one room, pecking on each other to death. And when they're done with laying eggs, they're also slaughtered. And cows, eating the cheapest food you can find them that's not even suitable food for them, never seeing daylight, never going outside. All because people want to pay as little as possible and apparently isn't educated enough to know that the cheap cheese they buy isn't made from happy grass-grazing cows. How can people be so narrow-minded?

#14- not all vegetarians become a vegetarian because of animal cruelty. Some may do it because of religious/cultural beliefs, for dietary needs, dislike meat, animal cruelty, it's better for the environment, etc. If everyone went vegetarian the world would be less polluted, cows release methane gas which pollutes, there wouldn't be all the factory's and the animal cruelty etc. I'm not saying everyone should go vegetarian because its their choice, I personally became one because I'm not a big fan of meat and it was to try something new. To go vegan is sooo different from being a vegetarian. To get what you need from vegetarian foods is hard enough, most vegetarians are deficient in iron and the food is quite costly. To go vegan instead of vegetarian based on your view is one of the stupidest things I have heard. It's everyone's choice on what they want to eat, do, just everything. Being a vegetarian for the fact of animal cruelty is still preventing the cruelty on animals. Being a vegan once again stops the cruelty on animals but to survive on the food would be so difficult. If all vegetarians went vegan I believe quite a few businesses wouldn't last because no one would buy the food and then there would be the criticism of ruining the economy. No matter what choice a person may make it will always be criticised so whatever

i don't understand why we can't all just get along. we're all working for the same cause. I'm a pescatarin but I've been both vegan and vegetarian. none of these are easy but we all do it because we care about the animals. that's what this is about.

You are an animal. Just needed to point that out.

So you've made an exception after seven years. It's still an impressively long time, and if you want to stay vegetarian there's nothing stopping you from continuing..

after a few years your body stops producing the protine that digests meat.. And when someone has been veg for a long time and they suddenly eat meat, it could cause them to get sick/vomit.

#52- who told you that BS? Your body might not be used to the meat since you haven't had it in so long but in no way will it not be able to be digested.

#52 isn't entirely incorrect. First off proteins don't break down things, s/he meant enzymes. When you don't consume a certain food-group for a longer period of time, the cells of your gastrointestinal tract will cease production of whatever enzymes you no longer use. Making it more difficult for the body to digest whatever it is you haven't consumed. This is well established simply because the body doesn't like wasting energy, if we end up not using something, it'll stop wasting resources on producing it. Making radical changes to your diet can upset the body, it only lasts for a while until it has had time to adjust to it. An example would be breaking down fats. Animal proteins have higher saturated fat content in comparison to plant proteins. So going from say, a low-fat diet to eating something with higher fat, like a cheeseburger can have physical implications. Sure, they won't last forever, and after a while your body will adjust, but they're not pleasant. This doesn't only apply to vegetarians gone omnivore, and doesn't even apply to all vegetarians. It depends on your diet as a whole, and not whether or not you eat corpses. You can also become sick due to psychological implications of eating meat. If a person has gone vegetarian simply because they don't like animal cruelty, and they then end up eating meat, they might feel so bad about it that it physically manifests as stomach cramps and such.

Yakostovian 18

It's not a cosmic amount of BS. It's not even definitively BS.

107 - Just wanted to correct one thing: enzymes actually are a kind of protein. But other than that you're spot on. I don't eat beef, but a couple months ago my boyfriend told me I should try some of his steak he'd made. I got horrible stomach cramps and diarrhea, from only 3 bites.

or maybe they will vomit anyways because they were so wasted they couldn't tell cheese from chicken?

ViRepz 28

Other's say it makes you a different person...

flashback.miss 28

Well, you took the risk that you would consume meat when you decided to get drunk. But, nothing to dell on, just move on and continue your vegetarian lifestyle.

If you don't remember never happened :)

Just like 'if I can't see you, you can't see me'?

More like : "if I can't see you, you don't exist"

Agree with #27. And a bit like what stays in Vegas stays in Vegas :)

sematariux 7

So 13, it's safe to say if I don't remember getting the herp...I don't have it? =D MEMORY REMEDIES FOR DAYS!