By PapaMoti - Canada - Toronto
Today, I went to a store. I was wearing a shirt that I'd bought from the very same store, and was accused of stealing. When I tried explaining, the manager said I was lying because I'm a teenager and "all teenagers are full of shit." FML
PapaMoti tells us more :
Thanks for all the helpful comments! As to what happened next, security was called and we ended up looking at the camera footage which proved that I didn't steal the shirt. The manager was humiliated and apologized, but either way I am not going to be shopping from that store ever again.
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  ballpython  |  15

As a 38 year old I have had experience with similar situations. In the past I have simply looked at my accuser and said if I stole this call the police, all of which I do while walking out the door as I normally would. Io date I have not even been questioned by the police. Some ass hats should not work in retail.

  SkyGuy32  |  17

I assume they lost a repeat customer then.

By  corocoro  |  30

If it's a chain, complain to the manager's boss.
If not, just never shop there again and tell your friends to do the same. Let's see how well they do without all those lying teenagers.

  hannaaaahr  |  33

Otherwise the shirt might look a bit worn or OP could perhaps have shown that she didn't have an other shirt with her, meaning that she should have walked in the store half naked if she had stolen the shirt. Either way I hope OP convinced them. A friend of mine once had the alarm go of when she walked out and she had the high heels that she bought there previously in her bag that caused the alarm, they actually believed her because they could see there was a bit of sand on the sole of the shoe meaning that they weren't a new pair she'd just stolen.