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Today, my boyfriend didn't break up with me, but his mom did. FML
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veryunluckygirl tells us more.

veryunluckygirl 19

OP here. Let me explain a bit. I knew it take more than 300 letters to explain everything. He's 17. It was not his idea at all. We've figured out how to make this work out. But this is how it went, she told him that we could only be friends (and still hang out though) but if we continued dating she was going to call my mom and tell her that she knows that we've been having sex. My mom would have believed her so we decided to just tell his family that we are "just friends" we're still dating right now. But once he turns 18 it's not her decision to not let him leave anymore. In the past 9 months she said that she doesn't hate me. That it was just the "environment I live in" which I find extremely idiotic. I mean I live in a good home and with good people. But it's whatever. Once he's 18 he probably won't have anything to do with his parents though.

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It's okay. Your mom will leave a bag of flaming dog shit on his porch.

She's gonna tattle to mommy? LOL


xluciferx666 21

That's pretty harsh I would hope if he wanted to break it off he would be a man and do it himself

Or the mom is a bitch and didn't tell said boyfriend.

veryunluckygirl 19

She really is a bitch, mostly to him though. Sad part is, she's one of those people who are extremely Christian.

You're probably better off without him, imagine having to carry her along as baggage.

so she's taken the religion to a nut level? it happens, sucks she did that to you... (specially if he didn't know)

Yes! The correctness is real I knew she was a bitch!

veryunluckygirl 19

Oh no. He knew she was saying those things. He's a sweetheart and does nothing but help people to the best of his ability. But she tells him things like he's worthless, he's trash, that if his father wouldn't have left her that she would have left him to die as a baby. She makes him depressed. I've heard her say those things cause I was on the phone with him when she said some things.

What the ****! Sorry for you op and your bf to be honest. Try to talk to your boy friend without the mother because it seems like he didn't want to end it but his mother did. Once again sorry for you. Hope it works out in both you and your boyfriends' favor

Sound like your boyfriend is veryunluckyboy if not for you. I hope you two can work this out.

To comment #34 from op all I can say is that isn't very Christian like at all I hate ppl who give Christianity a bad stereotype. To clarify I feel like Christianity should be try to be Christ-like, and if your trying to shove ur ideals or tell ppl they're going to hell or condemning ppl or acting like your above ppl... STOP! Where the heck in the Bible did Jesus or God ever do anything even remotely close to any of that??? Ppl are in titled to believe as they want, I may not personally agree with them and I may feel myself that they are wrong, but that doesn't mean they are, or that I need to tell them that they are wrong. Who am I to judge? Although if your bf has similar beliefs (but none of the destructive criticism) you should listen to "skillet - the last night" preferably a love version if possible...

Live version *

Mortoli 30

cant stand those kinds of people..

It's okay. Your mom will leave a bag of flaming dog shit on his porch.

Oh, how disrespectful. How old is your boyfriend... 7? I hope you can find someone with better values than that!

*Control Freak Intesifies*

If she did it behind his back she's a control freak. If he told her to he's a cowardly piece of shit. Either way you're probably better off.

solarsanteria 15

I hope you let him know that it wasn't him, and it wasn't you; it was his mom. That does suck.

Did his mom ask you out too or was he man enough to do that himself?

OP probably asked him out first hahahaha

veryunluckygirl 19

I didn't give him a choice to not date me. Just walked up to him and said we're going out now ;) ? I'm joking by the way

How old are you OP?

veryunluckygirl 19

15 nearly 16

Hm well cheer up OP, you're still young. Better options will come ahead :)

Hm I just read your full explanation further down below so disregard my last comment and the original comment . I hope you two work out, good luck :)

It's alright OP. You still have us :*

Its better you found out his mom's feelings now than finding them out after potentially progressing in the relationship to a point of getting married to him.

Atleast you won't ever have to deal with his psycho mom in the future! Maybe it's for the best :-)