By ciammmm - United States - Sierra Vista
Today, nearing the end of my pregnancy, I went to a local pool. While attempting to swim on my stomach, I turned a little to the left, and buoyancy took over and I ended up belly-up and flailing, causing a very large man to then laugh so hard, he choked. FML
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This comment made me laugh incredibly hard. Thank you.
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  george_s_4  |  30

It is true a male I have not been pregnant before so I do not know what it's like but it seems like common sense to me that if you have a large, heavy thing growing in your stomach that you have to be careful so you can avoid situations like the one op had

  foxpug  |  24

You're probably right, #50

I also get the impression that a lot of people are "sheep voters" that start following blindly. Thanks for the response.