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Today, my entire junior class took the ACT. On the last test, a classmate's phone went off, automatically invalidating the whole test. We all have to retake it. FML
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Wow, that is a ridiculous rule. At least you know how to get your score dropped if you think you've done poorly


Isn't the policy only that the one student is kicked out? That's not how it worked when I took it

I've actually read about this because it sounded weird to me, but that's the rule. It's said here too:

I took the SAT and ACT last year, and during the SAT apparently a phone we to off in the room next to ours. They enforced the rule for that room.

Strictly speaking, this is the only way to cover their butts. What if someone says that they lost time because of the ring, or that they were unable to concentrate back on the test after the distraction? If time was reimbursed, how do you make it so that you don't give those students more time than the kids down the hall? What if someone in the room were to get a perfect score, but this meant that it was under fishy circumstances?

Nope. My school took the act today too and everyone has to retake it if something goes off even as little as a watch alarm.

That's all good, it means u know what is in it so you will do better

the same thing happened to my test group this year. sometimes phone went off, and everyone's at risk of being invalidated. the proctor said, though, that if the owner of the phone fessed up, their test would be guaranteed invalidation, but everyone else in the room would be off the hook.

#16: They do still take and collect our phones and turn them off, but they do not go through our stuff, so if someone decides to not follow directions and it goes off like that, all the tests in the room are automatically unable to be scored.

Never had that situation. We were told to not bring our phones and if we did, they were taken away and given back at the end of the test. Granted, if it was dead silent and then there was a phone ringing, I know I'd jump a little because I would be focusing that hard on the test.

He should have pulled his ACT together.

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Guess he ought to have SAT that one out.

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ITBS that rule affected everyone

Whatever, 77. That was solid. It's BS that you got voted down for your love of the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.

117- it's a standardized test that you take in high school. It's pretty much the same thing as the SAT.

#99 I live in Iowa and was surprised to see ITBS mentioned. So I must ask; do other states take those tests as well or is it just for Iowa?

Wow, that is a ridiculous rule. At least you know how to get your score dropped if you think you've done poorly

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Ugh I hate when I accidentally thumb down something ( i know it's not related to your comment but I just did that to it)

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If a persons phone goes off, it's suppose to be that person being kicked out. Maybe rules change from last year.

Yeah but they probably think he is msging someone in the room

That doesn't make any sense. Why the hell would the entire class have to retake the test? Just seems like a waste of everyone's time.

If the student was cheating with their cell phone they could have found a way to give surrounding students answers.

What was the reaction from the phone's owner? I'm curious.

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They normally take phones. They did four years ago

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if a person did that at my school, everyone in the room would have beat the crap out of that kid. They tell you multiple times to turn off your cell phone and put it in the front or in a purse/backpack.

Where do you go to school? I live in Michigan and also took it.

I remember a year ago, when we were taking our standardized tests, this guy who is known for his stupidity kept freezing his computer by mashing random keyboard keys (despite being told not to). This happened several times over the course of a half hour and we weren't allowed to start until everyone was ready. Thanks to him several people couldn't finish.

When i did the act last year they literally took our phones and took them to another room.

I took it last year, and that was everyone's biggest fear, so I feel your pain.