By skid - 02/06/2015 14:59 - United States - Champaign

Today, I took part in a bouquet toss. The "single ladies" consisted of myself and several girls under the age of ten. I'm 31. FML
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Did you at least catch it?

Hey nothing wrong with being single, embrace it you learn a lot about yourself!


Did you at least catch it?

you would think so, unless she's shorter than a ten year old at 31

At 10 I was taller than my mom and half the women in my family. It's possible.

fpants2010 18

Well hopefully you're the one who caught the bouquet!

lexiieeex3 32

It's better than a 10-year-old being the next one to get married...

Depends on the country. "I failed to catch the bouquet... Now my cousin will be a child bride. FML." Too dark?

Hey nothing wrong with being single, embrace it you learn a lot about yourself!

I agree with you. but there's also that point where you are tired of being single and you want to find somebody....... yet again she is only saying that she participated and not that she's feeling lonely :|

Being single and alone forever isn't a fun thing either.

I also agree with you. And like other commenters have said, being single and alone may not be very fun at times, but that shouldn't mean that we become so desperate for a relationship that we are willing to settle for less than we deserve.

cosmicdancer84 7

you can be single and still have fun ;)

I agree with what the others are saying. Being single sucks sometimes (says the single 29yr old) and sometimes you know yourself too well. Being single can really suck, but on the flip side you shouldn't just settle either.

So you were probably the tallest and was able to catch it

what a great observation

Not entirely true. Ive met some super tall 10-12 yr olds

Okay. Not going to lie that sucks. But it's still not over for you. My mum got married at age 37.

mwali02 32

It is encouraging to hear success stores of women who were able to have kids at a later age! Thanks for sharing darling! :)

I saw "My mum got married at age 37." Not "My mum started having children at age 37." Who says you have kids once you're married?

@#31 "My mum"= my mother = I am her child. She had me after she got married. For religious and moral reasons and what not. (:

one of my teachers got married at 45 and is so glad that she waited because she found the right person. age is not the most important thing, finding someone you're happy with is.

21, my aunt didn't have her second kid till she was 39.

MdMan2 23

Well… there's nothing wrong with being single. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Who else read "single ladies" in Beyonce's voice?

Sure hope nobody thought you were a pedophile.

Why the hell woul-- nevermind. Are you alright? :/

Oh dont be bothered #12. Some people just want to comment, however stupid it may sound.

You caught them flowers right?

Good, it's easier RKO a few of ten year olds than people your age. Advantage you.