By djoe - 28/10/2010 12:00 - Australia

Today, I was patting my kitten who was asleep underneath the blanket on my lap. My roommate walked in and gave me disgusted look. She thought I was playing with myself. FML
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Petting your pussy?

mintcar 9

So? Just explain.


why didn't you loft up the blanket

pooper19 3

play with pussy good pussy

imcutefml 0

^ win

well you WERE petting your pussy weren't you?

8=MAJOR WIN. Either way, you would've been petting a pussy that had wild, messy hair and need to be tamed.

A touched pussy is a happy pussy.

A touched pussy is a happy pussy.

megamandude455 10

^*^^^^^ major fucking win!! 49 wins!!!

Agiggleaday 0

your default pic distyrbs me on so many lvls

"It's not what you think! I'm petting my pussy!" ... ;D

Herropreez17 0

Damnit you beat me to it...

xSonic 9

94 - That's good because these damn pussy jokes are so old

I bet you were playing with yourself, OP.

haha i second that

hotair10 9

haha, I third that :P

theian01 3

Playing with her pussy!

WallyTheWombat 0

Why would OP's roommate get mad if he's playing with himself in his own room? She should be knocking first. or I guess YDI for jerking it in the kitchen.

well, it was a good cover story..

I bet it's the same pussy that wanted to touch op

I fourth that

mintcar 9

So? Just explain.

Exactly this. You explain the cat's sitting under there, you both laugh, no more awkwardness. Why is that so hard?

that's what ended up happening! so now we've got a bit of a joke going though

It's fun to rub your pussy!

lift up the blanket?

DustyRusty 0

wats ur name and I gotta tell u ur pretty hot

Lol not a dating site, good sir

Petting your pussy?

xshadyshadow 0

lol, you beat me to it! 

DAMN beat me to it also :P

UsaTrackstar 0

lame ass fml's

Again; just explain or show her the kitten.

another great comment from captain obvious herself!

Oh, so what? I leave the obvious euphamisms to other people. It's not like any of you three said anything useful in this thread.

that's mean considering the firs one was supporting you. it's not like people hate your comments, this one was just an increadibly obious answer.

I hate her comments!

It was in a tired kind of way that means I've dealt with one too many trolls, innerexlet. I see you've now met Jose, he's a regular. There's a few others I could mention... However it was the 'lol. want an award' at the end that made me think the rest was sarcastic. I apologise zmeiler, if that wasn't the case. But I wasn't really intending to get at people, just make a point that it didn't matter if I was stating the obvious.

if something not worth saying dont say it at all, most of your comments are the same...

I'm going to get a cat and name it Myself "I'm going to feed Myself" "Myself peed all over the carpet" "I'm going to play with myself" The possibilities are endless

Heehee, good one Icyyy. Nathan, there are a lot more pointless comments before mine. This one might well have been one of my more pointless, but is it really that big a deal?

nah its not tbh, just felt like making the point...

chloe2114 4

no one likes u Cinn, that's all I have to say.

emodude44 0

I've got nothing against Cinn. I don't see why shes your problem either. Why not let her make her comments and get on with her life while you make your comments and live out your life at a minimum wage job while living out of your parents basement and blowing all your pennies on cheap hookers who will only ever love you when you pay.

How did I miss Chloe's comment? Darn comment bug *shakey fist* Just because you don't like me, Chloe, doesn't mean everyone hates me. There's 6 billion people on this planet, I didn't know all of them had opinions about me. Or that you'd met them all to ask. Now go back to being your 'bubbly, looking for fun' self rather than bugging me.

3Some with the cat??

theporkchop 0

wow, I like that color blue. how'd you do that?

just tell your roomate you're petting your pussy :) problem solved :p haha jk

DarkHelmet 10

You should have gave her one back and said "What!!! I'm just playin with my pussy"

that's not gross, that's hot