By Anonymous - United States
Today, whilst driving to the store, an idiot driver found it to be okay to drive ridiculously fast in below freezing temperatures on the ice and snow. As he passed my car, I angrily gave him the finger. And then I realized I was wearing mittens. FML
justgracexD tells us more :
Didn't have an account when I first posted this fml. But I wanted to clarify a few things. 1. I was wearing mittens because it was below freezing and my car was still cold. 2. Washington doesn't believe in salting the roads or doing anything to ease winter driving mainly because we rarely ever get snow. People here also freak out whenever some crack like substance falls from the sky and driving in poor weather conditions becomes a problem. 3. Said idiot driver was previously tailing my car before he passed me and the cars in front of me. 4. I actually didn't think this would become an approved post. I just copied and pasted my facebook status. xD I'm glad that some of you found this amusing though.
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  cosicosei  |  22

I don't see why his speed is your problem. you're not a cop and he didn't crash into you or cut you off or anything so mind your own business. I hate "concerned citizens" like you. he probably had a nice 4wd car with proper winter tires, maybe even studded and you were probably a bit jealous ;)

  Draminicaus  |  0

"Ugh! That bitch just gave me the mitten finger! I'll show her by speeding up and leaving her in my wake! muhaha.... <Screee!! CRASH!!>"

Good job OP....You've just caused an accident because you distracted the stupid driver. ^_^

  DVecc  |  0

we have them in the US but it's more popular with girls and the more middle class ones at that. were I live half the girls are stuck up bitches who think they're rich and can't buy anything but designer clothes.

  twi4eva789  |  0

well in Canada there's tons of ppl who wear those Olympics mitten things including guys I don't have them but still... and who knows maybe they were a girl?